Boring cancer

Oct 15

Today I had my favorite kind of appointment with Dr. Wonderful: the kind where we hardly discussed cancer at all.  We briefly talked about my cancer-y bullet points, and it occurred to me it might be time for a medical update: -I see Dr. Wonderful (oncologist) weekly.  I get Herceptin every week through my port.  I’m still a regular in the Chemo Room, even...

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Sep 11

For anyone who might be interested, an article about me appeared in Monday’s Cincinnati Enquirer; it is also online here. Happy reading!

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The View in Room 1522

Aug 30

The Writer has been admitted to the top floor of the hospital with a fabulous view of Burnett Woods, and has just arrived in the room. The nurse is checking her in. She is in some pain, her color is nice pink cheeks, pink lips, not wearing any oxygen and is talking clearly and following the events of the morning as relayed by Brad. She is warm, and has disgarded her...

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Aug 20

Everyone knows I have breast cancer, right?  This means that I sort of have to talk about the breast(s) and related issues, which is weird because my dad, and my uncles, and even my 90-year-old grandfather read this blog.  However, nothing makes breasts more clinical than cancer and mastectomies.  I just have to acknowledge that it’s slightly uncomfortable....

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Mom’s Daily Report

Jul 18

I am sitting in Mom’s hospital room with my family: the original five were all here together, but Chief just left to go back to work, and I am leaving for chemo in a few minutes. Mom is great: her eyes are bright and focused, and she still very much our Rozzer.  She is sitting up in a chair, she is talking, drinking, and delving into the (many, many) goodies...

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