Through the grainy monitors, I see them

Jan 29

I’m sitting at dance class, watching my girls in their classes on the monitors. Maren is the least wiggly kid in her hip hop class.  She repeats the precise movements of her teacher and practices as many times as she can in the allotted time so she can get it just right.  What she lacks in rhythm, she’ll inevitably make up up for with determination.  I can see her...

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My shimmy girl

Jan 28

Tonight after dinner, Greta ran over to me (because Greta doesn’t ever walk; she runs). She said, “Mom!  I’m ready for my snuggie jammies,” as she did a little shimmy shake. (Greta ends the majority of her declarative sentences with a little shimmy shake.  I’m pretty sure that I have never done even one little shimmy shake in my entire...

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Our winter

Jan 27

I cut my own hair on Friday.  My 35-year-old self feels sneaky about this as it’s against the rules to to cut your own hair.  My last cut was the day after I got out of the hospital in December; a lovely stranger friend volunteered and came over to my house to de-mullet me.  A month more of hair-growing and I needed another trim at the nape of my neck.  I used...

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Catching up

Jan 23

Last week I was feeling sluggish and reluctant to get back into Normal Routines.  I was/am still recovering from my lung surgery, and going upstairs was enough to leave me winded.  I was tired of being tired, right?  I complained to my sister and my girlfriends and my mom (ooooops, sorry about all that complaining, folks!) that I was frustrated. And then I got strep...

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My dancers

Jan 07

The girls have been dancers since birth.  I love this about them. Tomorrow, they both start new dance classes. Maren’s in a hip-hop class: attire is “funky sportswear” with an emphasis on shirts that stay in place when they move and black jazz shoes.  It is testing my Cool Mom abilities to come up with the correct wardrobe for this class.  Wish me...

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