Jan 30

Brad just came in, looked at me, and started laughing. This happens a lot to us — in both directions. One of us is usually laughing at the other. It is a mark of a good marriage, no? I am sitting on my bed, knees up, with a tiny Bluetooth keyboard on my legs and my phone propped on top of it while I type.  It’s awkward: awkward-looking and...

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Weekend Warrior

Jan 24

On my way through the store today to return pants for Greta, who has grown out of ALL of her fall/autumn pants (!), I spotted a shirt with Weekend Warrior emblazoned on the front.  That’s a good description of these days.  And, spoiler alert, Greta chose to keep the pants that had some sort of bling, sparkle, or pattern.  This girl lives big in all she does....

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I prefer saltwater

Jan 09

It’s been long enough since my last blog post that I’m starting to get real-life phone calls, texts, and questions about how I’m doing. Not to worry, I’ve mostly just been busy.  Thanks for the love! I’ve had some yin and yang over the past few weeks.  My last blog post talked about The Gift Quest 2017, where I sought and secured a...

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