Life (gifted)

Jun 20

I am back in the chemo chair.  I had a week off, as we were on vacation last week.  I hugged Brad before bed last night and said, “I’ll miss you tomorrow,” as we have been together nonstop during these past days; his presence is home for me. A stark realization for me is that this is our fourth summer of taking big “memory-making”...

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Putting others first

Jun 08

There’s nothing that gets me more than someone doing the right thing for someone else, especially at a cost to themselves.  I’ve been on the blessed receiving end of this many, many times, and it touches me deeply every time.  I’ve been having talks with my kids about this perspective as we are going through the summer.  Be the last one to choose...

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Joy and Courage

Jun 04

Today my kids are at a place called Camp Joy attending an event called Camp Courage.  It’s a day of empowerment, sharing, and community-building for kids who have been impacted by cancer in their immediate families.  Maren’s brilliant counselor is running it, and Maren was bubbly with excitement this morning.  She has enjoyed making connections with...

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