Setting a pace

Jan 31

Woo!  I’m back. Cruising with my sisters and mom was awesome.  There were many quotable moments.  We laughed, we toasted, we enjoyed each other.  It was awesome. Coming home is great too.  I missed my trio, and they rocked it while I was gone.  They are all tired, as you are when the rhythm changes, thus we soaked in a minimal activity level and a lot of...

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Jan 25

I saw the sunrise twice this week.  The first was the morning after the snow day; remember my last blog, where I pontificated about my love of snow days? I had several friends level me with withering stares (as only good friends can do) after they read that one: snow days are less awesome (and even downright stinky for some families), so sorry if my love of them...

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Evolving my days

Jan 20

Today’s snow day was perfectly timed.  Snow days are such  good reminder for me of unexpected blessings, willfully set-aside to do lists, and spontaneous creative fun. We did appropriate snow day things today.  The kids decided what we should do.  I elected to serve the brownies before the lunch (and I never do that).  She played in the snow.  We had...

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Opening the door

Jan 11

I’m in the chemo chair today, and I’m actually being a little anti-social (rare for me in the infusion suite), because I have so much to catch up on.  Just now I renewed  my website (the hosting and domain registration were set to expire/disappear forever approximately 25 hours from now.  I learned what “hosting” and “domain...

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A few snippets

Jan 09

Last night was the first time in 90 days that I didn’t end the day by taking a handful of oral chemo pills.  My symptoms from that chemotherapy drug should wean away soon.  I’ll be glad to be in the sun/daylight without breaking out!  The photosensitivity has been no joke.  I wore a 3/4-length shirt on the sunny Midwest December day we drove home over...

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