Save this spot for me.

Feb 14

Save this spot for me.

On Sunday, amid my chaos of 1000 chores, I was sitting in the floor of our living room. Toys were scattered, and I was surrounded by glass Happy Thought Bubbles so that could tie on ribbons and pack them up before surgery. Dane had taken Gloria with him to run errands, and 2-year-old Sylvie had been playing in my orbit, frequently interrupting to tell me to use green ribbons even when they didn’t compliment the glass.

After a couple quiet minutes I heard buzzing and looked up to see Sylvie waving her electric toothbrush and toothpaste, and she said excitedly, “You brush my teeth!” She made her way through the ankle-deep swamp of toys and ornaments, wiggled her way between me and the tote of glass, pushed my project out of my hands, wedged herself in my lap, and gave the best belly laughs while I brushed her teeth right there in the living room.

I was laughing too, and took a photo so I wouldn’t forget the moment. Sylvie is a big baby. She and her 4-year-old sister share a wardrobe and both weigh about 35 lbs. They still reach for me and ask for uppies. It’s getting hard, but I can carry them both, one in each arm. Glo and Sylvie will sneak out of their bedrooms when they wake in the night, and climb into my bed to cuddle me. I’m in my full-contact motherhood era, and it’s a lot sometimes.

Our dog brought the teeth cleaning to a stop when she tapped at the back door, and I asked Sylvie to let her outside—one of Sylvie’s favorite jobs. She paused midway out of my lap to say, “You save this spot for me?”

I laughed again at the absurdity of that, launching another round of giggles from Sylvie. We were the only ones home, there was no big sister or queue of daycare friends vying for that position on my lap.
Baby Sylvie on Mama’s lap.

The past couple weeks have been a struggle, I’ve been juggling all the tasks as I barrel toward tomorrow’s surgery date, and it’s wild to think that I’m just going to stop doing All. The. Things. My village tells me it will be fine, they will look after my work and my family until I can manage again. And I think I believe them.

My last night at home with the girls, I woke up to Sylvie running down the hall to my bedroom. I didn’t fall back asleep and snuggled my little spoon, feeling that full-contact moment and knowing how empty that space would feel while we are apart and when my body is too tender for touch. Save this spot for me, sweet girls.

Gloria toes a ribbon on a Happy Thought Bubble.


  1. Hey sister. I get it. These days are long and packed and second to second. The thought of slowing down (or temporarily halting) must seem unfathomable. But as a mama a bit on the other side (high school and college girls) you will get to a point where this surgery and recovery will all be a blip. I promise you that. And while sad that our lengthy days turn to blips, what an absolute honor and privilege to get to be with our girls long enough to get to blips. You’ve got this, your village has got this, and your girls have got this.

  2. Marlayne M Skeens /

    Meg ~ Your “spot” will never be empty, because it is ALWAYS Filled with Memories……Always Saved……You are Brave and Beautiful…..Prayers for a speedy recovery!!!!!
    Big Hugs 🙂

  3. Maryann /

    So beautifully said…. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your crew! I will be praying for you and your entire village tomorrow and the days that follow ❤️🙏🏻

  4. Your writings touch my heart and soul. What sweet girls you have – they will be the best medicine for you, even though tender, when you get home. I so enjoying hearing your stories. I am saying prayers for you, and your entire medical staff who are caring for you. (Sharon on old forest)

  5. Kim Rourke /

    What we know in our minds and what we feel in our hearts, oh the distance in between! From what I hear your village is well-prepared to take the temporary helm so your mind can rest. For your heart, I’ll pray for a speedy recovery and a quick return to snuggles and giggles. 🙏🏻 from Michigan

  6. Margaret /

    Love and best wishes for a quick recovery from the surgery from Ian and Margaret.

  7. You have an amazing village! Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery.

  8. Beautiful recognition of the magic found in quiet (or not so quiet) moments!

  9. Your SPOT will always be saved for you 💕 Heartily praying for your surgery and complete recovery Meh. You are dearly loved 💟💟

  10. Ann Campbell /

    Beautiful and poignant. Thanks for sharing your gift and your special moments with us. Thinking of you tomorrow and through your recovery. Ann C

  11. Tara Holman /

    Praying for your surgery and recovery in the coming days! And special prayers over your girls during this time too!

  12. Micjelle /

    Love this so much for reasons I haven’t shared. All these full-contact, laugh out loud moments are so precious. I love that you took that time to savour them! Glo and Sylvie will miss you but you will miss them more. These moments will warm your heart while your body is healing. Your village will keep them fed and entertained. And if I know anything about your Mom – she’ll be right there – hugging on them and allowing them to rent her spot while yours is resting. Sending positive thoughts to one brave and mighty sister!

  13. Julie A Talford /

    Your posts so remind me of Jen…You are a sweet soul indeed and a brave got this..I am trilled you have a tribe to help you through. Sending love and prayers.

  14. Conni Carlson /

    Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery 💝