Jul 25

As of this spring, my wardrobe was a sorry state of affairs.  For the past six years, I have not had an outside-the-house job.  My needs have been minimal.  I’m practical and frugal, so it didn’t make sense to me to spend lots of money on short-term clothes.  Over those years, I have gained and lost weight.  I’ve had four pregnancies; (yes, I had...

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Down Under

Jul 24

I’ve mentioned here before that my mom is Australian.  Her whole side of the family lives Down Under.  My grandmother, four sets of aunts and uncles, and eight cousins live there.  Brad and I got married in 2003, but our wedding “season” wasn’t over for another eighteen months, because that was when we went to Australia together so that he...

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Chemo musings

Jul 19

I am very much in the rhythm of my new cancer normal, and a big part of my routine is chemo. Maren and Greta go to Phenom’s house.  I think they think it is summer camp.  They love it. I’ve had to take a running hiatus for the last two week: I have an infection in my toe that is exacerbated when I run.  Darn toe.  After two courses of antibiotics, I...

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Mom’s Daily Report

Jul 18

I am sitting in Mom’s hospital room with my family: the original five were all here together, but Chief just left to go back to work, and I am leaving for chemo in a few minutes. Mom is great: her eyes are bright and focused, and she still very much our Rozzer.  She is sitting up in a chair, she is talking, drinking, and delving into the (many, many) goodies...

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Mom’s VIP Room

Jul 17

I got a speaker phone call from Dad, Mom, and Chief Sister from the hospital room.  Mom is talking, and talking coherently.  She says that the drugs are fabulous, and she was making jokes.  She really sounded good, and Chief and Dad seemed surprised at how “with it” she was.  Dad filled her in on her OR antics, and she is pleased with the big picture:...

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