Mom’s Daily Report

Jul 18

I am sitting in Mom’s hospital room with my family: the original five were all here together, but Chief just left to go back to work, and I am leaving for chemo in a few minutes.

Mom is great: her eyes are bright and focused, and she still very much our Rozzer.  She is sitting up in a chair, she is talking, drinking, and delving into the (many, many) goodies that friends and family have left in her room.  Literally, there are no flat surfaces left in the room because they are filled with gifts–mostly from her hospital friends.  She is beloved!  There have been a constant flow of visitors to the room, and even the CEO of the hospital has been in for a personal visit.  VIP indeed!

Her chief complaint is dry mouth; her pain is managed with a push-button.  She is using her arms and sitting comfortably.  Goals for the day include two walks around the floor, and to eat.  Ambitious!  Dad and Baby Sister will be here with her for most of the day.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers; we appreciate them so very much!



  1. There must be so much love in that room! What an inspiration! So glad to hear your mom’s great progress. Sending healing prayers for your mom and lots and lots ‘cancer be gone’ prayers and thoughts your way today…

  2. Cathy Milligan /

    So glad she is doing well. I am sure you guys already know, but “Biotene” is wonderful for dry mouth – particularly after cancer treatments. I pray all continues to constantly improve!

  3. Jen, we found a rogue wifi connection here in Moffet, Quebec and am so glad that The Rozzinator’s is doing well and the surgery was a success. Give Mom and Dad our best well wishes and know that all of you are close in our thoughts in prayers… Love to you all from Northern Quebec. Hugs, Lauri and Dale

  4. Donna Strauss /

    So glad to hear Roz is doing well. Both you and your Mum are in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. Bonniebj /

    So wonderful to hear such encouraging news- knowing your Mom she’ll make those 2 laps around the hall as well as eat some of the terrific offerings of hospital food 😉 Praying for you as well Jen as you head off to chemo-see you soon.

  6. Roz, you are the woman !!!!!! Everything is so you 🙂 You are a delight & so loved ~ I am so happy for you & your family 🙂 Happy Dance 🙂 Continued prayers for a speedy recovery & Continued Prayers for Jen 🙂

  7. Sending many prayers for you and your family, especially your mom at this time!