I feel “lucky” that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. In these modern times, it is the most recognized “ribbon” and funding for research and treatment is abundant. Awareness is so great that I roll my eyes at cereal boxes emblazoned with pink ribbons. I am incredibly grateful for the research that is funded.  Here are organizations with whom I’ve had good experiences and/or heard great things:

I was diagnosed because I took the initiative to have a lump checked by my OB/GYN, after they had advised me it was probably scar tissue following mastitis.

My mom was diagnosed eighty days after I was during her annual screening mammogram, which she had done faithfully every year for twenty years.

We are proof that you have to be self-aware and also follow the guidelines. If you have a question about your breast health, then that is your answer. Get a doctor’s opinion. Please. Don’t let anyone tell you “it’s nothing” until you have the proof in your hands.