Our daughters

Mar 04

I spent this evening at the Anderson house, before I fly home to Corning, New York tomorrow with Dad.

I want to tell you that Maren and Greta are just the most truly awesome and lovely people, and I had so much fun with our family tonight. They are oh-so grown up—both taller than me now! They are smart and fun and witty and kind and I am so proud of them.

I have missed my tiny girls so much these past few weeks, but I am grateful I got to spend tonight being present with Jen’s big girls. They are so much like her.

Love, Meggie


  1. Kim Rourke /

    A gift to you and them! Safe travels home to your own precious littles and hubby.

  2. Marlayne M Skeens /


  3. This post makes me smile through tears. So thankful you were able to spend time with Jen’s girls. Love that you can see Jen in them…I’m sure that brings smiles and tears all around.

  4. Sharon on Old Forest /

    ❤️ You all got some much-needed family time. Safe travels home to the abundant joy that awaits.

  5. Marge Greene /

    And I am so moved by your story and proud of you too. Your parents are long time friends💕

  6. Cindy Jones /

    Thank you for sharing. It made me smile so big to hear how well they are doing. The fruit of Jen is living on in her girls as I prayed and knew would be so it’s just so delightful to get confirmation.

  7. Roslyn Mathie /

    The next generation of powerful women

  8. Sherry Stoffer /

    So wonderful that you got to spend time with them. I’m sure they loved being with their Aunt Megan! Safe travels home and here’s to a speedy recovery!

  9. Karin Eppert /

    Love hearing this

  10. Bonnie B Jackson /

    Blessings go with you Megan as you travel home!! Your family deeply loves you 💓

  11. Aunt Annie /

    Yes, magnificent Maren and glorious Greta are amazing young women, excelling as role models for their younger cousins, glowing Gloria and spirited Sylvie!💕

  12. Carol Hover /

    Safe travels and hope and pray for a speedy recovery!!