I read every email and comment I receive, but I receive a lot of email so replying isn’t always possible. I wish I had time, but my kids–they want to eat like seven times a day. It’s amazing I get anything done. I also frolic a lot; it’s not productive at all, but it is really, really fun.

I speak to audiences of all sizes on topics related to women, cancer, hardship, joy-seeking, faith, parenting, and anything else I write about.  Email me if you want to meet me.  Looking someone in the eye and sharing experience is one of my favorite things to do.

I’m writing. All the time. If you are an agent, I’d love for you to contact me. My biggest project is a memoir I’m writing for my daughters.

Give.  Some people want to, though I never ask.  Cancer made me a Yes Lady; I say yes more.  Here is the place to do that.

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You matter to me. Let’s be friends.