May Chaos

May 30

People.  Did you know that when your child(ren) hit school age, the month of May becomes a lot like the month of December?  Lots of awesome activities and celebratory occasions and picture-worthy events.  Sometimes, I think it should work like this:  “Maren, do you want to go to XYZ activity or do you want to eat dinner?  Because at the moment, I really do not...

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The Lost Lost Tooth

May 22

Maren lost her first tooth last week.  Then, she lost her first tooth.  Let me explain. Maren has had a wobbly bottom tooth for several weeks; we predicted it would be out before the end of school.  Last week, as she came in to say goodnight to me, I said, “Maren!  When did you lose your tooth?” In perfect teenager-speak, she said, “Mom, I...

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May 21

For the 6% of you who are hoping I’m going to discuss post-Civil War politics in the U.S., you are going to be sorely disappointed. I’m talking reconstruction, as in breast reconstruction. Let me first clear up the misconception that reconstruction after breast cancer equals a boob job.  No, people–not the same.  There are lots of reasons...

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Her Medical Choice

May 14

Everywhere I went today, people were abuzz with talk about Angelina Jolie’s brave and inspiring announcement.  I encourage you to read Jolie’s own words in her op-ed piece in The New York Times. There is little doubt that Angelina was proactive with genetic testing because of her mother’s diagnosis at forty-six, and death at fifty-six, of ovarian...

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May 12

It’s been kind of a rough couple of weeks over here. Overall things are good.  Really good, even. The rough stuff is mostly that Greta loves me too much.  Her love for me is so great that she must think I can read her mind, because whenever I am in her presence, she is screaming at me that I did not give her the right color spoon, or water instead of milk, or...

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