The Lost Lost Tooth

May 22

Maren lost her first tooth last week.  Then, she lost her first tooth.  Let me explain.

Maren has had a wobbly bottom tooth for several weeks; we predicted it would be out before the end of school.  Last week, as she came in to say goodnight to me, I said, “Maren!  When did you lose your tooth?”

In perfect teenager-speak, she said, “Mom, I didn’t lose it, it’s right here.”  She’s pointing at the hole in her mouth where the tooth used to be.

“Um, Maren, your tooth is not there.  You lost it.  Where do you think it might be?”

She runs over to the mirror and sees for herself that she is, in fact, toothless.  She immediately starts looking at the floor around her feet.  She drops to her hands and knees and begins crawling back down the hallway.

“Hey, Maren… didn’t you just brush your teeth?”

“Yes,” she says, still crawling on the floor.

“Do you think maybe it fell out while you were brushing?”

She stands up and looks at me and says, “Well, there was actually something hard in my mouth that I spit out because I didn’t know what it was.”

It’s all I can do to not burst out laughing at this point.  The kid feels something hard in her mouth, spits it out, and doesn’t even investigate what it might be?

We go together to the bathroom and look at the sink.  “Well, Maren, I have some good news and some bad news.  The bad news is that I think your tooth went down the drain.  The good news is that I know just what to do.  Did you know that the Tooth Fairy accepts notes of explanation?”

When I was a little lass, I lost a tooth.  I put the tooth into my tooth pillow underneath my big pillow and went to sleep.  In the morning, I excitedly checked my tooth pillow and found… my tooth.  The Tooth Fairy must have had a busy night, or so said my mom.  The next night, we repeated the same thing, and the next morning… still the tooth.  My mom said the Tooth Fairy must be really extra super busy, and perhaps we should write her a note reminding her to come pick up my tooth.  So we wrote a note for the Tooth Fairy, which said something along the lines of “Dear Tooth Fairy, PLEASE STOP HERE.  I HAVE A SHINY TOOTH FOR YOU.  Love, Jennifer.”  We then taped the note to the window (facing out, obviously, so she can see it when she flies by), and I was finally rewarded with an extra quarter the next morning.

I told Maren this story, and we sat down at the kitchen table and wrote our note to the Tooth Fairy, explaining the whole tooth-in-the-sink debacle.  We taped it to the window, and voila!  The Tooth Fairy delivered.

How is it that my little girl is my big girl who is losing teeth?  Her smile is different now; it’s older.  It still comes easily; I can draw her out without too much effort.  She still loves to snuggle me, and she still wants me to carry her.  Last night we couldn’t find her beloved blankie, so she asked for my dark pink fleece-y sweatshirt to snuggle instead.  I’m soaking in all these mama moments with deep gratitude for this lovely life of mine.


  1. We once had the tooth fairy fail to stop by for an entire week. We decided she had gone on vacation and the substitute fairy simply couldn’t handle the workload. (Not ‘dissing subs here, our family is full of teachers and substitute teachers!) Sure enough, the note of apology and money finally showed up. 😀

  2. Amanda /

    Had similar situation last night but it fell out of her tooth case. Then the tooth fairy forgot her purse this morning so she came while my daughter was at school.

  3. Ami /

    Thank you for reminding me to stop and appreciate the moments of wonder that splatter our momma days with joy. Also, thank you for publishing a true tooth fairy story. Our tooth fairy was delayed two nights in a row this winter but it was because she had a frozen wing issue due to the snow! : )

  4. Kim /

    Ahh, I love the magic we share with our children. My son recently lost his last tooth and he was so sad thinking that the toothfairy will never visit him again. He started losing teeth late, but finished early. He had tears that last night. He often wrote notes and asked the toothfairy questions. I have kept these slips of paper! Enjoy the magic!

  5. Love. Thanks for sharing!! These moments seem small but they are so big. I am experiencing something similar. My oldest is almost nine. He doesn’t like me anymore. He loves me but doesn’t seem to like me. It’s odd, since I birthed the kid and all. But, he is beginning the pull away. How can that be? Wasnt I just changing his diaper yesterday? Sigh. It aches me. It encourages me to soak up every cuddle. Love to u dear friend! (I haven’t commented in forever but I’ve been reading!) Love love

  6. Peggy /

    When my daughter lost her first tooth and realized the tooth fairy actually gave her a monetary reimbursement, she attempted to loosen every tooth her in mouth just so she could fill her piggy bank! I love having those memories. But fear not young mothers, children may grow out of their snuggle, hug mommy every minute they can stage of life, but they NEVER outgrow their need for emotional support from their mothers (even the boys!).

  7. Ahhh, this is so precious. If only we could all be so “take it in stride” in our daily lives.

  8. Brian /

    Time for Daddy to take the trap apart under the sink…