A break down of the four of us

Apr 12

I tell you, it has been a weird week people. Last Monday I got great news: the tumors are shrinking. Cue the happy dance and glee, right?  Right!  Of course: frolicking and toasts commenced.  Celebration.  WOO HOO!  Period.  It is a relief, a breath of hope, a change in trajectory.  It is good with an ache in the word.  I’m grateful.  I’m amazed, and I...

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Today’s picture

Apr 04

As I’ve been a cancer patient over the years, I think my scanxiety has gotten less with time.  That’s not because news about cancer growth gets easier — because it doesn’t get easier; it probably gets harder, actually — but there is a routine and a familiarity to the process that make it more absorbable. The best analogy I can think of...

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