Pinkies out

Jun 29

I’m fresh home from a girls weekend away, which means I’m feeling fantastic.  I’m wind-swept, sun-kissed and love-filled right down to my bones.  It’s pretty epic for eight middle-aged young mamas to escape for more than forty-eight hours, leaving our eight husbands and our combined twenty-two children to make magical daddy-kid memories...

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It was such a nice way to start my day

Jun 25

The first time Greta came into my room that morning, she completed her compulsory touch-her-mama sequence, but then she quickly whirled off again.  I admit, I went back to sleep for what I think was a while, as I felt notably more rested when I woke the next time.  It was Maren who found me for the second wake of the day and climbed into my bed for some snuggles....

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PET results and cartwheels

Jun 22

The bad news: I have two new cancer spots.  Two more lymph nodes in my sternum (making four total) are lighting up showing cancerous activity. The good news: The two lymph nodes from my last scan are showing stable/no change.  They are not bigger/growing. The lung spot from the last scan is unchanged.  We didn’t even discuss it, so it’s not interesting...

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My dad

Jun 21

My dad is super handy.  He’s able to fix anything.  When I was a young girl and something broke, we always put it on dad’s workbench.  “Broke” could mean out of batteries, or it could mean busted into fifteen pieces.  Within a few days, the broken treasure inevitably reappeared, as good as new.  My dad at his workbench is one of the iconic...

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It twinkled

Jun 18

I pulled in my driveway today, and thought what’s different?  My house looks so … clean. The answer?  No weeds! It was like breath of fresh air.  I think my house might have actually twinkled at me! Some sneaky weeders came to my house today and pulled all my weeds.  It was a mystery for most of the day, and I pondered and humdrummed over who it might have...

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