Lucky Thirteen

May 30

Today I sat in Chair 13 in the Chemo Room.  My chemo friend Spunky was there; she is twenty-seven and was diagnosed with a rare lymphoma cancer in January after she felt a lump near her collarbone.  She has a two-year-old and a wonderful husband and family.  We get each other; she is only other person under fifty I have met in the Chemo Room....

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May 29

Ahhh.  Summer. I know there’s the whole equinox thing that happens in mid-June, but, to me, the awesomeness that is summer is defined by the opening and closing of the pool.  On Saturday, I told Maren, “It’s summer!  The pool is open.” She frowned at me, “No, it’s not summer Mom.” Me, spluttering, “What?”...

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May 24

*Updated: The Nail Protocol is at the bottom of this post. The nail thing is not just a vanity issue.  This new chemo drug is going to make my fingernails and toenails die; it won’t be pretty.  Eventually new ones will grow in.  I am okay with this; chemo is killing the cancer, so chemo can have my hair and my nails and whatever else necessary!  The problem...

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From Chair 18

May 23

I’m thumb-typing on my phone from the chemo room; the wifi is down again. But I have a warm blanket, a friendly gal in Chair 17, and some hot tea so I am happy! I do get to have my chemo today; Dr. Wonderful gave me the all clear. In his words, “I don’t want to give the cancer a break.” Right on! Today I am switching to a new chemotherapy...

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May 22

Sorry, I have no link for the news story about breast cancer awareness.  Apparently, I am to remain visually anonymous for a while longer.  The sentiment was that we are hopeful, optimistic, and relying on God as we navigate this journey. It’s been a busy couple of days.  Maren had her end of year recital; it was adorable and I laughed so hard I cried.  We had...

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