May 22

Sorry, I have no link for the news story about breast cancer awareness.  Apparently, I am to remain visually anonymous for a while longer.  The sentiment was that we are hopeful, optimistic, and relying on God as we navigate this journey.

It’s been a busy couple of days.  Maren had her end of year recital; it was adorable and I laughed so hard I cried.  We had great time with friends.  We had a great time with family, and celebrated another anniversary of my mom’s twenty-ninth birthday.  Brad and I went on an honest-to-goodness date; I love him.  My kids have bounced between our team of caregivers and are thriving and growing.  Maren has about sixteen new freckles on her nose.  Greta’s hair is noticably getting longer–edging past that baby baldness.

I’ve gotten a lot of quality time in with loved ones: Maren and I created some pretty spectacular art on the patio with sidewalk chalk.  Greta and I read a bunch of new books; her intonations could make the phone book seem thrilling.  Brad and I are feeling more connected and in sync.  Face time with friends and family has been awesome.  All of these meaningful experiences are happening because there are so many hands lifting us up: Phenom, Shine (our fabulous new babysitter), and NanaWoz are loving our kids, our fridge and freezer are full, and our date was free thanks to gift cards from lovely, generous people.  Tonight my house is spotless and I feel like Cinderella because my very own Fairy God Mother cleaned my house today.  Ahhhhh.  It just feels good to soak in these blessings.

Last night I came down with a random cold, and am feeling run down.  The “good” news is that I am at the “strong” point regarding my immune system.  If I’d gotten this cold last week, I might have landed myself in the hospital because my body might not have been able to cope alone.  Tomorrow is supposed to be Chemo Day #5.  I’ll see Dr. Wonderful first and he’ll decide whether to delay chemo due to my cold.  Obviously, I’ll defer to his judgment.  However, I do hope I get to stay on schedule with my chemo.  I’m in bed early tonight for extra sleep, and I am full of vitamin C, water, and healthy food.  I’ve done what I can; now I rest.

If you would, please pray that the best decision for my health would be made tomorrow.  As always, thanks for reading, praying, commenting, and walking up to me in real life to say that I matter.  It brings me more encouragement than you know.  And now… rest.


  1. Cameron /

    Rest. Let God do the work. Praying for you ad your doctors.

  2. Cyndi /

    Praying..sleep well!

  3. Shannon Kahrs /

    I just love you Jen! I am lifting you up in prayer! Battle on!

  4. Bonniebj /

    Sleep well my dear…just saw the interview today at Marys-beautiful Jen and so endearing. Blessings all around. Praying for your tomorrow and that you can stay on track. May the Lord strengthen you as you sleep and take that cold away.

  5. Ann /

    God bless you and your family tonite. Lord, please help guide Jen’s doctors and nurses to keep her on the track back to good physical health.

  6. love you jen. xo

  7. Sue Nitz /

    Hi Jen. We will be lifting you up in prayer today. As you begin this new sub-chapter I pray that God will sustain you and that He will continue to give you strength and fortitude and that you will feel peace and love and that He will heal you. I pray that He will send His special angels to watch over your family and that when this chapter in your life is over you will together give glory to God for His goodness all the days of your life. Love to you!

  8. Tracey /


  9. Mitch Powell /

    love you so much Jen…. your amazing xxxxx

  10. Rebecca /

    Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.

  11. Mum /

    Use the your giftedness of your sleep and be at peace that everything is in God’s hands.

  12. God holds you and your healthcare team in His hands. ♥

  13. mooney=mc2 /

    Thinking of you often!