I wear pink in my scars and love in my heart

Aug 29

My heart is full after last night’s event.   My people surrounded me with a lot of love in a lot of ways.  It is easier for me to pretend that we’re all there for “a good cause”, but the reality is that my people showed up for me… it’s personal and I feel very loved by the way that my people stand in solidarity.  Everyone who...

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Stuff vs Soul

Aug 27

I woke up this morning with a head cold: sore throat, stuffed up nose, watery eyes, and aches.  My first thought was: seriously?  I need a cold like I need a hole in my head.  Today was slated to be my catch up day.  The chemo funk has mostly lifted, Maren’s going to school, Greta’s off to Phenom’s house for the day and I’ve got ten days...

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Aug 24

In a comedy of errors that is omnipresent in our home, Greta spilled glitter paint on the kitchen floor today.  I’m just pretending that the sparkles I see across the floor are because it’s so sparkly clean, and not because glitter-glitter-glitter everywhere.  Greta is the kid who often leaves a trail of glitter wherever she goes; today, she’s just...

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A little healing goes a long way

Aug 20

I’m going to go ahead and say that it has not been a great day today. I’ll also be honest and say that as I start typing this post, I am mad and frustrated. I had high hopes of adventuring with Greta today: the library, lunch, perhaps some crafting or art.  I am soaking these long days with her before preschool starts and delighting in her four-year-old...

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Highs and Lows

Aug 17

I had chemo today, so tonight’s post-eleven-o’clock-at-night post is brought to you by my steroid buzz.  Go chemo go!  Kill the cancer! Things are good; I feel there have been some yo-yo high-lows going on in a myriad of ways. We spent the last day of Maren’s summer vacation together: a Mommy-Maren day of fun; it was awesome.  I love my girl. Greta...

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