Day 13

Sep 24

Today is cycle day thirteen on the new treatment. It’s always funny how time is measured in your consciousness. Stereotypically, the weekend flies by and weekdays plunk along.  Toddler tantrums make minutes feel like hours.  In my family we anticipate reunions with how many big sleeps left countdowns. Nap time: you blink and you (literally) miss it. Every time...

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Drip on

Sep 12

I am officially in the chemotherapy suite in my oncology office.  I am watching my new chemo medicines drip in as I type this.  Go chemo go! I love visualizing the chemo molecules attacking the cancer cells one-by-one and obliterating them. I am feeling the Benadryl zonk — they give me a big dose through my port because many people have allergic reactions to...

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A season change

Sep 10

Last week I had a scan.  Cancer scans come up regularly, and yet there is nothing regular about them. The scan shows that I have a few spots in my left lung that are both more active and larger.  Ugh.  There are many other spots that are either stable or regressing, but these active spots need to be addressed.  Unchecked cancer growth is what we are working against....

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