Mar 08

Hello friends, I’m home.

On Monday, my dad and I flew from Cincinnati to Corning, and I waited for Dane to return from work so we could go together to pick up Gloria and Sylvie from daycare. I swallowed back big tears walking up the sidewalk to the center, so excited and overwhelmed to see them after three long and scary weeks away.

The reunion was so sweet. I sat on the floor of the classroom and got all the kisses and cuddles as the girls piled into my lap, the hugs just went on and on. Afterward, we went out for ice cream dinner, we cuddled on the couch and watched Paw Patrol, and that night Sylvie fell asleep in her bed with me holding her little hand.

By late Monday night, I was hurting. I began to worry that I had damaged my reconstruction and at 3 am I sent a panicked email to Dr. Chin describing my day’s activity and my pain. She replied by 8:30 the next morning that it was probably a symptom from too much movement, and to take Motrin. (Subtext: Chill.) I did. It took two days, but I am recovered from the toddler reunion impact, and back to recovering slowly from surgery. The girls are learning the boundaries and so am I.

The gentle snuggles keep coming, and so do the other big feelings. This morning, Sylvie cried so hard because her green socks were in the dirty laundry. Gloria cried so hard because I chose Sylvie’s outfit from their shared closet. They both cried because Mama can’t lift them in their car seats and they don’t want to climb up like big girls. (I cried about that one too, after Dane had driven them away for daycare drop-off.)

Tears are part of toddler life, and I’m really proud of how beautifully they have navigated their feelings. Over the many months that it took for my surgery plan to take shape, we tried our best to prepare them for this hard season: Aunt Katie nurtured an interest in Doc McStuffins, Greta helped me remodel their playhouse into a veterinary clinic, and we talked about Mama’s surgery. Tried to normalize it. Tried to make it not scary.ย 

I think it worked, mostly.

They were so well cared for by their Daddy, their Nonnie and PopPop, their Nana, and their sweet teachers. They know all about Mama’s surgery, and while I was away, they were brave and happy. I’m glad I beat Gloria to the punch talking about the procedure on this blog because I’m pretty sure she’s now described my boo-boos in too much detail to all her friends at school. I know that this decision will continue to impact them and me, but I think we will recover.

Do today well.






  1. Marlayne M Skeens /


  2. Sometimes when we can’t put big feelings into words, we cry about socks. And that’s ok. Letting those feelings out, shedding some tears is all very healing. You are walking this path out together as a family and your girls will do each day well as you and your husband show them how. The things they will understand later can wait…all they need to know right now is how much you love them. Keep doing each day well.

  3. Aunt Annie /

    Meg, thanks for sharing openly about your journey and letting us into your precious life. ๐Ÿ’•Aunt Annie

  4. Conni Carlson /

    Hugs and love for a continued, successful healing. ๐Ÿ’

  5. You have captured the reunion well. I wondered how it would go and you sitting on the floor prevented a lot of my Mum/RN anxiety. I can imagine it all with you writing. You continue to โ€œDo Many Days Wellโ€

  6. Tara A Holman /

    Praying for your continued healing. You are such a good mama to your girls.

  7. laura donefer /

    so happy you are home with your amazing family!!!!!!!!

  8. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ Praying for the healing to continue!!