Cold and memories, old and new

Oct 30

There was much high-fiving on my behalf in the chemo room today.  It is a relief to be on the the treatment my doctor recommends, and — even as I type that — surreal that such a thing could even be in question.  I/We are continuing to work on making contacts and getting advice about what next steps should look like for me. At the same time, there are...

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Oct 23

Late this afternoon, I got a call from one of my favorite oncology nurses.  She has spent at least as many hours as I have (if not more) trying to find some avenue to get me Ibrance over the past few weeks.  “Jen Anderson,” she said.  “Do you know you have good news?” “No,” I said, as I stood in my bedroom, mid-laundry-folding...

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My loves

Oct 20

On Monday morning when I started my car and drove to my oncology appointment, I saw that my gas tank was full.  I smiled to myself: Brad and I had switched cars for the weekend.  I was off with my sister for hiking and recharging, and he was SuperDad and house project guy at home.  I stopped at the gas station at nine-thirty at night on my way home so that his car...

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Oct 18

I’ve just finished writing a letter to begin an appeal wherein I’m asking for compassionate use of Ibrance.  Our insurance has denied Ibrance initially, denied it again on appeal, and an external review is our last option to pursue there.  Separately from that process, I’m working with Pfizer (the company who developed Ibrance): we don’t...

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Mornings and procrastinating and matching

Oct 09

Last week I was sick for a week.  I had a cold/cough/fever/energy thing that left me in bed for a few days and bedraggled for a few more.  It’s so very ironic that I caught this bug when on my longest break from chemotherapy in more than two years.  In theory, my immune system should have been peaking in strength.  I liken it to people who get let down...

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