Best decision of my life

Jun 17

On Saturday night we decided to go out to dinner. We eat out more these days since I don’t have the gusto for planning/shopping/prepping/cooking/cleaning meals. (We all miss my cooking though.) Even though it was Father’s Day weekend, my family let me choose the restaurant since I really wanted to go somewhere I could get some yummy vegetables —...

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Getting into a summer rhythm

Jun 11

Yesterday I started another chemo cycle. Let the cancer-killing commence! I am continuing to experience exhaustion as my primary symptom, and it makes for a lot of challenges with doing much of anything. In addition, walking and talking make me cough so I am thoughtful about how and when to do that also. And coughing is exhausting, so the whole cycle is repetitive...

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A (positive) hot mess

Jun 03

Today I went and got a massage to try to get some relief for my back spasms. At the beginning of the session, I had to give an abbreviated medical history so the therapist had a pretty solid download of what’s going on with my body. At the end of the massage, she had the nerve to look me in the eye and tell me that my back, “would be a lot better off if...

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I feel… and I know…

May 21

I feel and I know has been my latest prompt with the girls when I want to hear something meaningful about their days. “I feel” addresses the feelings they are having:-I feel… sad that no one talked to me at lunch and it’s like I have no friends-I feel… worried I’m not going to make the project deadline-I feel… smothered by a...

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The important and the non-essential

May 14

The four of us packed our weekend with maximum fun by road-tripping to my sister’s town for her baby shower. Even though my body was in rough shape last week after chemo, it is important to me to do important things; we are so glad we went. It was a great time, and this baby is already so so so loved. Our family is the best. I’ve come home with a fair...

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