A (positive) hot mess

Jun 03

Today I went and got a massage to try to get some relief for my back spasms. At the beginning of the session, I had to give an abbreviated medical history so the therapist had a pretty solid download of what’s going on with my body. At the end of the massage, she had the nerve to look me in the eye and tell me that my back, “would be a lot better off if...

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I feel… and I know…

May 21

I feel and I know has been my latest prompt with the girls when I want to hear something meaningful about their days. “I feel” addresses the feelings they are having:-I feel… sad that no one talked to me at lunch and it’s like I have no friends-I feel… worried I’m not going to make the project deadline-I feel… smothered by a...

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The important and the non-essential

May 14

The four of us packed our weekend with maximum fun by road-tripping to my sister’s town for her baby shower. Even though my body was in rough shape last week after chemo, it is important to me to do important things; we are so glad we went. It was a great time, and this baby is already so so so loved. Our family is the best. I’ve come home with a fair...

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The science and the faith

May 08

Today I started my radiation therapy. I will receive treatment every business day for the next ten days, which means I finish radiation treatment the day before the girls’ get out of school for the year. The timing has worked out — albeit with my next three weeks of May being ultra-booked. You can pray for our household: it has been an emotional month...

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The bed and the socks

May 07

Tonight I laid on our bed while he folded socks. Let me tell you some stories about that sentence. Our bed. In early 2004, newly married Jen and Brad went to a furniture store and bought a mattress. We did all kinds of laying on mattresses in the showroom and reading of the fine print. We didn’t have kids yet so we didn’t even know that we should...

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