Tonight was a great sunset

Nov 08

You all will appreciate that I typed my blog post last night, did all the bedtime things extra slowly because everything in the hospital is extra slow, rolled over and promptly fell asleep.  At 9:41pm the nurse apologetically knocked on the door and said, “We found you a bed!  You’re moving to your new floor. Now!” So I settled in for sleep after...

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Hospital life

Nov 07

I’m awaiting my last big oral medicine dose of the day so that I can go t0 sleep here in the hospital for night number three. Overall, my body and lab result continues to trend in the needed direction so that I can be discharged.  Brad is a champ, he managed to see me on the way to and from work: we finally have a benefit to his long commute.  Haha!  He is...

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The days are long, the minutes are short

Nov 06

On Tuesday I called Dr. Wonderful’s office to let them know I wasn’t feeling well, and that I had a new symptom.  Because I’ve been a mom and potty-trained two children, I have had enough conversation about pee to talk about it on the internet: my issue is that I was not peeing enough and general associated discomfort. After a series of...

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Today is a good day

Oct 29

I’m moving pretty slow these days, as I think I’ve indicated.  It’s only been a short few weeks that my discomfort has been a factor in my life, so I’m still figuring out how to be my best self.  Now that I have better pain management agents at my disposal, I am finding the balance to achieve optimal present-ness.  On Friday, I felt quite...

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A pivot point

Oct 25

Yesterday Dr. Wonderful stepped in to the exam room where Brad and I were waiting.  He looked me right in the eye and said with feeling, “How are you feeling?” “Not well,” I answered with a grimace, “I called your team on Tuesday morning because I decided I was done white-knuckling and I need some interventions. I’m...

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