She Will Always Be MY Mom

Mar 12

She Will Always Be MY Mom

“Do Today Well.”  These are the words I try to live by, these are the words my mom left with me.  This isn’t always easy, but I work hard to accomplish this goal, to make my family proud.

It’s a challenge everyday, going through my life without her.  Last year in 3rd grade cancer snatched my mom from me.  “She will always be your mom,” my Dad reminds me.  “No one will ever fill that position.”  I carry these words with me everyday.  My Dad inspires me, reminds me daily that no one will ever take her place, she will always be MY mom.

So, I want to inspire others who have lost a parent, sibling, another family member, or friend.  Even though they aren’t physically with you they will always have a place in your heart.  And on days when I feel like I can’t walk through life without my Mom, I remind myself that she will be with me always.  Just like the wind I can’t see but feel, when I am melancholy – even though I can’t see her – I sense her with me giving me a hug.

If you are reading this and you have experienced a loss and feel as if you are falling through a black hole with no end in sight, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.  And always remember that they are still running life with you.

I have chosen to “Do Today Well” to honor my mom’s legacy.  So what about you?  Will you “Do Today Well?”

Greta (age 9)


Greta brought this home from school today as a draft she’s been working on for a writing challenge.  I couldn’t help myself so I thought I’d share it (unedited) with all of you.  🙂



  1. Kelly Bristol /

    Oh wow. Thank you for this Brad and Greta. I lost my mom to cancer too Greta and you are absolutely right, no matter what she will always be my mom. I am sad and think of her every single day, but I definitely feel her running life with me as you so beautifully said. Your mom is such an inspiration to me and now so are you!
    Thank you for this amazing reminder!

  2. Mici Eubanks /

    Greta, you are and always have been such a light in this world. I am amazed by you, your grace, and incredible writing voice. You go girl! I always loved talking to your mom about how incredible you are, and how much fun you are to be around. Keeping shining sweet girl. Thank you for inspiring others to ask for help. Love always, Miss Eubanks

  3. Nalynne clay /

    Greta, it looks to me like you inherited your mom’s talent for beautiful, wise, heartfelt writing💕🦋

  4. Greta, when you told me the prompt for the writing challenge was “challenge” I thought to myself, “Greta has faced so many challenges in the last year, I wonder what she will write”. I am so impressed with you sharing the positive side of the challenge “ She will always be my Mom” and sharing the she is like the wind. – you feel her but you can’t see her. I can tell you she would be so proud of your thoughts and your writing skills. You Do Today Well – every day.

    • Diane Allen /

      Wow….Greta, you are making your mother and family so proud!! What an amazing writer you are! You make my heart happy. Hugs to you. ❤❤

  5. Leah Chapman (from her SHS years) /

    Oh my goodness…Jen is so proud of Greta right now. What amazing young women you are raising. I hope you are all well. When I think of Jen I always smile.

  6. Joan Barker /

    Love, love, love it!!!

    • Jen Anderson /

      (This is Greta) Thank you so much! And thank you for reading it!

  7. Marge Greene /

    Beautiful Greta❣️ I think you will do everyday we’ll Just as your mom showed you. Thank you for sharing.

    • Mackenzie Rice /

      Wow Greta! You sure did inherit your mom’s writing skills. But perhaps more importantly, you are so much like her in your caring ways. Even though you are dealing with your own grief at times, you want to help others. Your mom is looking down on you and so proud. You are so special just like her!!!!!!! I miss your mom too, but I’ll sure be glad to see you this summer and be reminded of her!

  8. Conni Carlson /

    Ongoing love and hugs💕

  9. Annette Long /

    Oh my goodness, how beautifully written. ❤️

  10. Aunt Ann /

    Bless your heart Greta! You were very honest with your feelings and that is sometimes hard to share. Your Mom is smiling and enveloping you in a great big bear 🐻 hug! We all miss her, she was a very special lady! You two look Fabulous in that picture! Love, Aunt Annie 💕

    • Susan /

      Greta, that was beautifully written and heartfelt. Know that your mom is watching over you and is very proud of you!

  11. James /

    Beautiful! She has her mom’s gift for writing. So proud of that amazing young lady!

  12. Lisa Smith /

    Oh. My. Gosh. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing these words. Wow. Sending tight hugs from CA.

  13. Kathi Roth /

    Beautifully written Greta. It reminded me so much of your mom’s writing. What a kind beautiful heart for others you have! I know your mom and dad are so proud❤️

  14. Marlayne Skeens /

    Oh Greta❣️ You are definitely your mothers daughter❣️ Your mother is smiling the biggest smile watching over you❣️ Your dad is so right, your mom will always be your mom and no one will ever take her place❣️ You have definitely done well today❣️
    Big hugs, Marlayne 🥰

  15. Jeanne /

    Thank you Greta and daddy for sharing this blog with us. Jen’s writing skills have been passed on to her girls and she must be smiling now. What a great way to express your feelings, Greta!♥️

  16. Fredda /

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing that with us, and wow, great job Greta expressing your heart!

    • Bonnie B /

      WOW Greta ❤️ Your Mom would be so blessed to hear your heart! I know she is!! Love that you see your Mom in the wind – Strong and ever present. Praying a blessing over you as you tackle life by Doing Today Well… You are and will be such an encouragement to others 😘. I feel Kaylie in the wind also !!

  17. Really great writing!!! Proud of you, Greta!

  18. Vicki Wolf /

    I used to live next door to Jen when she was just a child. She would be so proud! And Greta, you look like your mother! What an amazing young lady you are. I know your grandmother and grandfather and I know they are beaming with pride!

  19. Cindy Jones /

    thank you Brad, this is incredible.

  20. Melissa Riehle /

    Sweet girl, these are such powerful, empathetic words. Just like your mom, you think of others. This is an amazing piece. ❤️ Your second grade teacher, Mrs. Riehle

  21. Christin /

    Holy moly. I’m dumbfounded. There’s so much depth, love, sorrow, and beauty in this.
    Way to be Greta.

  22. Lindsay /


  23. What an amazing young lady Greta is becoming.

  24. Sue Nitz /

    Greta that was absolutely beautiful! And Brad the blessing of this sign that you are also following Jen’s motto of Do Today Well for your children is a gift. I can just see Angel Jen and God smiling down on you and your girls.

  25. Kim Rourke /

    Wow! Using personal pain to inspire others is something many of us, as adults, are unable to do. My heart seems to ache AND soar at the same time as I marvel at this nine year old wisdom. High five to Greta who has reminded me, yet again, to Do Today Well! There is a special angel in Heaven trying hard not to brag!

  26. Kelly Carstens /

    Greta-Your words are so inspiring! My heart just fills with joy knowing the people you will inspire with your story. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. I am so proud of you! I will continue to try my best to Do Today Well! Big Hugs, Mrs. Carstens

  27. Tara Stamp /

    Greta, you are so brave and you are definitely making your mama proud! This is beautiful!

  28. Mischele /

    How awesome. Greta you are wise beyond your years and a great writer like your mom. I lost my daughter almost 6 years ago and I feel her with me and her brothers daily. We try to do today well also.

  29. Alicia White /

    Great writing, Greta! I can’t believe these are words from a 9-year-old! You are so smart, and beautiful both inside and out.

  30. Lauri /

    Greta, thank you so much for sharing! Your words are spoken so eloquently and yes, you definitely have your Mom’s gift of writing! Your family and especially your Mom are so proud of you for Doing Today Well and helping others cope with their feelings of loss. You’re right Greta—your Mom is running life right beside you and she always will!! Sending our love to you, Maren, and your Dad. ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Stacy Vanstone /

    Greta – You have definitely inherited your mom’s writing ability and her strength…and her wisdom. Your words made me cry – not because they made me sad, but because you are able at your tender young age to worry about others and offer help…….and all while your own heart is hurting. What a beautiful and courageous soul you have! Thank you for sharing the gift of this post with all of us!

    • Katie /

      Greta has her wonderful mom’s writing ability, plus two great parents who love her! She will go far in life!

  32. Lisa Harter /

    Amazing and beautiful tribute to your mom and all that she represents and wants for you in life Greta! Keep doing today well! Your mom loved you so very much! It was such a blessing to have you as a first grader in my class. Your spirit, your creativity, your big Heart…all gifts that you and your mom have in common!

  33. Peggy Allis Murriner /

    Love it

  34. Rick Stevens /

    Greta, Your post is so inspiring and beautifully written. I lost my Dad to cancer, but I am so encouraged by your words, knowing that he will always be my Dad, and that he is still “running life” with me. Thank you Greta!

  35. Kathleen Roberts /

    She shows maturity beyond her years. What a lovely tribute to Jen’s philosophy on life ❤️. Greta, you have inherited your mom (and Dad’s) gift for writing….know they must be so proud of you. Thank you for the heartfelt message to “do today well”. 🥰

  36. Oh, Greta, this is such incredible writing and a great challenge to all of us. You have inherited your beloved mom’s ability to communicate well through the written word. She is proud of you, as your dad and Nana are also clearly proud of you!

  37. Staci Becker /

    Greta, as you know I have read your poem multiple times, however reading it here, on this amazing blog, your poem brought me to tears. The first time we sat down to start revising your work you told me you want to INSPIRE others with what you were going to write. Well my sweet girl you have done just that and more! I am so proud of you for be so courageous and writing this poem. I can’t wait to see what your future holds! I love you and I am so glad you are in my class!

  38. Beth Burwinkel /

    Never mind the beautiful written word, the wisdom and strength Greta exhibits are truly an inspiration for us all! Great job, Greta! xxxooo

  39. Kim Bunn /

    You have another writer in the family! This is just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.😊