A series of Post-its

Jul 28

I have a whole bunch of things to blog about, but it seems instead of dedicated blogs, you’re going to get a series of blog-ish Post-its.  Sorry for the medium-sized effort, but I’m working on being super-present this summer and loving having both girls home all day every day, and I’m adding the running effort in so my Jen Time is even more...

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Running: the rubber is hitting the road

Jul 16

Late summer/fall 2015 shall henceforth be known as the season of running.  (At least, I pray it is: I pray for the strength and endurance to carry on with these big hairy scary goals I have set for myself!)  Below are the three upcoming races I am participating in, along with my thoughts for each. Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Greater Cincinnati: Friday August...

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Compassions never fail

Jul 14

Tonight as I was going to bed, Brad stopped me and said, “Are you really okay, are you just tired?  What’s going on?” I sighed at my own discontent, and acknowledged that, in the late evening hour, after a long day, in a funky stretch, “I’m feeling a little low.” “Nothing is actually wrong tonight,” I added,...

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See Jen Run…

Jul 10

It’s been so vital to my mental game to have fun things on the calendar as I live with cancer.  At the end of the month we’re taking another awesome trip: this time we’re trekking off to see Baby Sister in her workplace, as a glassblower onboard a cruise ship as part of the entertainment staff.  Seeing my sister doing this work is important to me...

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Let us throw off everything that hinders

Jul 08

Whew, three weeks cycles around fast! I’m in the chemo chair again, which means that I’m sitting in my recliner, heat seat on, drugs dripping, and nurses ready to bring me snacks, drinks, and warm blankets as needed.  I’m on my summer schedule which means I get treatment on Wednesdays at the main office, and today I saw Rockstar.  We talked about a...

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