A series of Post-its

Jul 28

I have a whole bunch of things to blog about, but it seems instead of dedicated blogs, you’re going to get a series of blog-ish Post-its.  Sorry for the medium-sized effort, but I’m working on being super-present this summer and loving having both girls home all day every day, and I’m adding the running effort in so my Jen Time is even more divided.

  • Just so you know, I actually love Post-it notes.  M and G even got some in their Easter baskets last year (big hit!)
  • I’m running.  It’s hard in every way.  I am signed up for the races I mentioned in my post (Running: the rubber is hitting the road), and I’m really praying I can actually follow through and do it.  Relying on God for this is good for me.  
  • One of my friends had me start using the MapMyRun app to track my running; if you want to run “with me” and friend me on the app, my username is “JenDoTodayWell”.  
  • You can also “run with me” in your own way if actual feet-to-pavement isn’t your thing.  There are lots of ways to do that.
  • Today is treatment day, so I’ll be in the chair in the Chemo Room for a few hours.  *Clink* and “Cheers” as the chemo does it’s job!
  • I’ve had a few summer visitors come to my house.  I am so well loved and I feel like the echoes of my visitors are lingering and making me smile.
  • I think both of my girls are due for a growth spurt because they are the same size as (most of) their little friends.  Usually, the Anderson girls are the tallest!
  • Maren is very definitely into the pre-tween stage: sitting and listening to the adults, good conversationalist, increased attention span, and becoming firm in her choices and preferences.  She’s running with me sometimes too–I love it.  As I pack Maren for our upcoming trip, she is helping choose the outfits, and her color themes are turquoise/blue; she gravitates to a mini version of my style.  We like the same sweatshirt at Target that says “Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Kind”, and a shirt with arrows because it makes us think of strength and courage.  We shopped together for a fancy dress for her and it was the first time I felt like I was shopping with her as more of an equal, which was such a delight.
  • Greta is not a toddler any more.  Her rationality is increasing (hurrah, hurrah!) and she’s still maintaining her spunk.  Her wardrobe for the upcoming trip is pink and purple brilliance.  Last night she wore her glittered Disney nightgown and was flexing her muscles as we watched a bit of American Ninja Warrior as a family.  That’s a perfect moniker for G: a ninja princess!  I’m hanging on to her mis-pronounciations: nogurt for yogurt and those types of things.  And yes, I still try to let her be Greta in all things as much as I possibly can.
  • Brad continues to love and serve me in ways that make me pause in wonder.  He rolls with my chaos and caters to my whims.  He knows me and loves me true; I am so blessed.
  • I’ve been counting my blessings and reveling in my sweet little life.  I pray that God would continue to show me more love, more grace, and more mercy.  More.


  1. Lisa Smith /


  2. Lindsay l /

    So I think I’ve decided to run the Queen Bee half in honor of you girl! We can do it!

  3. Ian P /

    I will down load the running app, when is your first goal event !!

    • admin /

      I’m doing a couple of 5ks, but they will be more social/family oriented. My “hairy scary” goal is the half marathon on October 10!

  4. I pray that too!
    Kay in Va

  5. Bonnie BJ /

    Praying for you today, praying as you RUN, praying for your upcoming trip, praying……. always!!

  6. Shari /

    So sweet. Happy that you’re enjoying special times with your lovely girls this summer. You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. Jen Roesch /

    Love this! My grandma battled cancer for over a decade and I just love your attitude on treatment and pursuing life. More. Always anticipate more.