Apr 30

Surfacing.  It feels good to come back and to have the use of all my senses again.  While the chemo works, the rest of me has to work really hard to focus.  On anything.  I kind of see the world in tunnel-vision.  I can do it, almost any of my “normal” stuff, but I have to work whole a lot harder to do it.  And then I need a nap.  A really, really big...

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Apr 27

I’m here.  I’m chock full of anti-nausea meds, steroids, antibiotics, painkillers, and chemo drugs.  Seriously, praise the Lord for modern medicine; I shudder to think of my situation if these interventions and treatments did not exist.  The side effects, mostly feeling like I have the flu, are totally tolerable.  I’m told medicines that control...

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Bald on the run

Apr 26

Did you see me this morning?  I was the bald one running through our neighborhood.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m exercising because I want to be strong.  I dropped the girls off at Phenom’s house.  By the way, Maren was again clamboring all morning to get there already, and there were no tears from Greta at drop-off.  Praise the Lord!  I did...

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Apr 25

I’m all about expectations.  I plan.  I anticipate.  Brad knows this.  He knows that he should tell me that he’ll be home at 6:30 and then he can dazzle me when he shows up at 6:05.  To tell me he’ll be home at 6:00 and to show up at 6:05… well, let’s just say I’m not dazzled. We put date nights on the calendar for two reasons:...

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Apr 24

*If you know me in real life and have contacted me recently, know that I love you.  I am behind and I am busy, but I love you.  I know I don’t need to apologize because I have cancer, but cancer hasn’t done much for me in the ‘being a good friend’ department.  And you matter enough to me for me to say it here. I am busy.  Part of it is real...

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