Astonish and Wonder

Apr 22

‘Twas a great weekend. My Maren turned five.  I remember oh-so-well that feeling of giddiness when it is your birthday and you’re little.  She wiggled with the joy of it all weekend.  At her party I learned what a leader she is among her peers, and so enjoyed watching how she relates to the littles in her life: very tender and attentive (and, at times,...

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Refine me

Apr 20

My doctor and I agree, the tumor is a little smaller.  The lymph node is smaller too.  This is good thing.  Dr. Wonderful is confident that we are in a better position today than we were one month ago.  Also, he is happy that my body is tolerating the treatment.  (Gravity: not everyone tolerates the treatment.)  So, I have to be patient while the treatment...

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Apr 19

Four weeks ago, anticipating chemo and hair loss, I assessed my hat situation.  Worn mostly at the pool and while running, I found I had three visors.  Visors, people.  I’ll give you a minute to try to get a visual of that one.  Before or after–it’s bad either way. I’ve never really been a hat person.  I wore them under duress as a child.  My...

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Me + no hair = (Still) Me

Apr 18

Conversation between Maren and I @ 7:30am today: Bouncing from one foot to the other in excitement, Maren says, “Mom, when can we go to Phenom’s house?” Putting lotion on my face, “I have to finish getting ready, then we have to wake up Greta, then I was thinking I would feed Greta so Phenom doesn’t have to, then we can go.”  I...

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Into the wind

Apr 16

My hair was coming out in chunks.  It was time.  Brad told Maren that we were going to cut my hair today; something we’d been talking about for two weeks now. Maren scrambled into my bed, bawling, “I don’t want you to lose your hair!  I don’t want you to be bald!” I snuggled her close and told her I didn’t need it.  I would still...

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