Carpe diem

Jan 31

Me: “Brad!  A lot of people are commenting on the blog and telling me I should go to the writing workshop!” Him: “Well, duh.”  Laughs.  “What did you think was going to happen?” Me: “Well, I dunno, I thought that there would be mixed reactions or not many comments or…,” I trail off.  “I dunno.” Him:...

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Dream chasing

Jan 30

You know, I live a pretty great life.  I love it. Lately, though, I’ve been in the business of dreaming.  Not all of my dreams are about my kids and my husband… some dreams are… just mine.  It feels selfish and decadant to wish these dreams, but I know that my dreams are essential to preserving my Jen-ness.  And my kids and my husband are rather...

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Banana fana fo Freta

Jan 29

Since Greta turned about six months old, it has been necessary to sing to her so that she will hold still for diaper changes.  If there is no singing there is much flailing.  Flailing and poop is a bad combination, people.  Bad. Other parents seem to have children who lay quietly on their backs and coo softly and eat their vegetables and play independently and hold...

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It flies

Jan 28

Time in the Chemo Room flies.  It flies, I tell you. I am in the recliners of the Chemo Room every week for about an hour and half.  I haul a large bag with me; in it I have projects I am perpetually working on.  Books, correspondence, lists, and coupons are with me most weeks.  I should really stop toting the heavy bag around though, since I haven’t used my...

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A thankful heart

Jan 27

Cancer free. NED. I am so grateful. I hope I can honor my God, live my passion, love my husband, and raise my daughters in the spirit of the blessings I have received.  I hope I can pay my blessings forward.  I hope I can Do Today Well, every day.  I hope to be a beacon of light and hope and the goodness of God.  I hope to empower others to be the best version of...

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