Jul 29

“Help” is a tricky thing, I’ve learned over these past few years.  Help is hard to define, hard to identify, often consists of a two-steps-forward-one-step-back kind of dynamic.  And, sometimes additional burdens end up being heaped on the “helpee” even when intentions are the opposite.  I’ve learned a lot about how to be a good...

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Ah, summer

Jul 27

Regular life goes on.  Cancer-centric moments are blissfully not the focus of my average days.  Sure, I make lots of allowances to accommodate the cancer treatment and impact on me… but I do not let that consume my thoughts.  My thoughts are consumed by the good things in my life.  Poor Maren has had a sore wiggly tooth for the past ten days.  She would ask...

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Jul 20

It’s scan day, and I’m tired.  I have to wake up like normal person on scan days, so I’m short-changed on sleep for two of my last three nights.  And my body knows this and is mad, but we’re making the best of things, my body and I.  The team in the nuclear medicine department was very apologetic about Monday’s mishap this morning, and...

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Problem vs Pwobwem

Jul 18

When Maren was little she would talk about her “pwobwems”.  As in, “Mommy, I have a pwobwem.  I can’t find my baby doll.”  My kids make my life so awesome just by being themselves.  So many of my smiles start with them. My sisters and I have evolved her babyhood lisp into an ongoing joking conversation amongst ourselves.  We have come...

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Jul 13

Every year, our summer swim club program chooses a charity and does creative fund-raising efforts all season to support the cause.  It’s a pretty great selfless tradition of the club, and I find it inspiring.  We’re building character and work ethic and we focus on that more than we do our swim times. At the beginning of the swim season, the board...

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