Jul 13

Every year, our summer swim club program chooses a charity and does creative fund-raising efforts all season to support the cause.  It’s a pretty great selfless tradition of the club, and I find it inspiring.  We’re building character and work ethic and we focus on that more than we do our swim times.

At the beginning of the swim season, the board members reached out to me and asked me to send them the names of some charities that are supporting (or have supported) me as I navigate life with metastatic breast cancer.  I was very touched that they sought me out for this and wanted to support me in this way.  I sent back several of my favorites (I’ve been blessed by several local organizations), and they chose to work with Pink Ribbon Girls.

All season, our team has been working to raise money for the Pink Ribbon Girls, whose mission is:

 Balance the fear and uncertainty that breast and other women’s reproductive cancers bring to individuals and families by providing direct services, education, and support.

This is the organization that has been facilitating my house cleaning since January; all of the funds raised will go to the organization (not the Anderson family) in support of their mission, but we do benefit directly from their house-cleaning services.

Maren and Greta will be swimming tomorrow morning during their practices.  Here is the information to pledge support; I am intentionally not sharing the name of our swim club for privacy.

On July 14, 2016 our swim team will hold its annual Swim-a-Thon Fundraiser. Students will have 60 minutes to swim as many laps as they can.
Donors: Thank you in advance for your support of our swim team. All the money will be donated to the Pink Ribbon Girls!  We appreciate your generosity.  Swimmers will collect the pledged money during the week following the Swim-a-Thon.

If you wish to support Maren and/or Greta, please message me (text, email or comment):

Donor Name

Flat $Donation $ OR $Pledge$ per lap [MAREN]

Flat $Donation$ OR $Pledge$ per lap [GRETA]

I will update the post after tomorrow’s practice with the results (i.e., how many laps each girl swam), and you can send your payment to me or give it to me in person.  THANK YOU!

Thank you for your consideration, but please feel no pressure to support the girls if this is not your mojo.  I hesitate to put this out there but I know the girls will be motivated with some support.  I distinctly remember going door-to-door for pledges when I participated in a Jump-a-thon in elementary school, but I am choosing not to send the girls on that path for this round.  Someday, I hope they learn the skill of “cold calls” and creating rapport and eye contact as they make a pitch, but that’s a bit much for this week.   My blog seemed like the most effective way to communicate efficiently since most people who love me (us) read it.   I wish some people I knew blogged so that I could experience it as a reader.  🙂  As ever, thank you for your love, prayer, support and positive thoughts.

UPDATE 8:45AM:  Wow! Thank you everyone for your generosity. We are leaving shortly to begin swimming. Maren’s goal is forty laps and Greta’s goal is a thousand-hundred-million. Ha!
We appreciate your support! (I will follow up and reply to you individually later today to all texts/emails/comments when I update the blog.)  Thanks village!  The girls are motivated and we feel loved.  Big hearts abound in our village.

UPDATE 2:30PM:  Swimmers are done!  Maren swam 50 laps, and Greta swam 24 laps.  Very impressive efforts from both; I am so proud!  I am getting ready to start sending communications to everyone who donated/pledged, and will hopefully have those sent out before I go to bed tonight.  The girls are celebrating by going pottery painting with our Aussie aunt.  It’s a great day!


  1. Nancy Zwolinski /

    I will sponsor both girls at a $1 a lap. God luck girls!

  2. Kim Rourke /

    I sent an email. Hopefully to correct address!:)

  3. Margaret McDonald /

    I will sponsor both girls with a flat donation of $20 each.

    Margaret (and Ian) San Diego

  4. Lisa Smith /

    Best of luck little swimmers! I will text our donation soon! xoxoxoxo

  5. Mary Ann Morrison /

    Scott and I will sponsor each girl at a flat rate of $20 each. Have fun in the pool???

  6. Stacy Vanstone /

    Martin and I will sponsor both girls – $20 each. We live 2doors from your mom and will make sure she gets our donation to you. Good luck, Maren and Greta!

  7. Aunt Annie /

    Jen, Count George and I for $20 for each girl too. Tell the girls Uncle George was on the swim team in high school and is cheering for them! He and other hairy guys use to shave their legs so they would have less resistance in the water!

  8. Kimberly Pieren /

    Our family will sponsor each of them $0.50 per lap. Best of luck!

  9. Sharon /

    Mark and I will sponsor the girls for a flat rate of $25 each. I can give the check to your mom if you’d like.

  10. Jan Middleton /

    I hope the girls had fun this morning! So sweet of your swim club to select PRG! We love helping you and your family!!

  11. Sue Brelsford and Bob McNeil /

    Bob and I would like to donate to the Swim-a-Thon. I will get a check to your Mom. Kudos to Maren and Greta for “competing for a cause”.