Bald on the run

Apr 26

Did you see me this morning?  I was the bald one running through our neighborhood.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I’m exercising because I want to be strong.  I dropped the girls off at Phenom’s house.  By the way, Maren was again clamboring all morning to get there already, and there were no tears from Greta at drop-off.  Praise the Lord!  I did strength exercises in my family room and then went for a run with no stroller.  Pre-cancer, a kid-free work-out was one of my greatest luxuries.  Now, being strong is part of my job description, so it’s bumped higher on the priority list.

I started off wearing a running hat, but I got hot. Some girls are too polite to sweat: they dab their forehead for effect, they can go straight from working out to social events and no one is the wiser.  Me?  I’m a sweat monger.  There is nothing polite about it.  I also turn bright pink because of my fair complexion.  So, yes, this morning I was the pink, very sweaty woman who jogged by your house.  And I was hot (obviously, I’m talking temperature here, not sexiness).  So, the choices were to either stay hot, take my t-shirt off and run in my sports bra (ha–yea right!), or take off the hat.  So, I took off my hat for the last mile.  I am proud of myself for being out there running in the first place.  I’m not embarrassed or shy; I’m just bald.

I go bald a lot.  My family sees me bald all the time; people tell me I have a very nice head shape.  All of my neighbors have seen me bald: playing with the girls on the back patio or getting the mail.  I frequently answer the door bald (and surprise the visitor!)  If I’m wearing a scarf, Maren will often come over and take it off, saying “I like you like this Mom.”  Last night we were rushing out the door for Maren’s soccer game, and when I pulled up to the field I realized: I have no hat.  Oooops.  I looked around the car and assessed my choices: go bald, tie Greta’s burp cloth on my head, tie a cardigan on my head, tie the ever-present car towel on my head, or go home.  Obviously, I had to go bald.  Oh, and it was raining.  Awesome.  But, honestly?  It was fine.  Halfway through the game I did put my cardigan over my head because I was cold, but it was raining and I had an umbrella, so I didn’t feel ridiculous.  I do think it’s pretty great that I felt more ridiculous with the cardigan on my head than I did showing my bald head.  It’s just not a big deal to me.

Healing from the cancer, now that is a big deal to me.  Here’s how you can pray for me today:

-Chemo is from about 1:30-4:30pm today (Eastern).  Pray that my blood counts show that I am strong enough to take it.  And then pray that the chemo drugs would target the cancer cells and spare the healthy cells.

-Pray for my immune system.  I have plantars warts that are showing up on my feet because my immune system is weak.  (Last night a friend lovingly suggested that the warts are impurities bubbling to the surface and melting away–not a medical explanation, but makes me feel better about the warts.)  🙂  I also have infected hangnails that are giving me problems.  I know, it’s all so glamorous.

-Pray for the girls as they are with Phenom today and tomorrow.

-Pray for Brad as he will have three to take care of this weekend.

Also, please pray for me as I am working on reading and understanding how I can be a good cancer patient and give myself every advantage in this fight.  I’ve appreciated your comments.  Once I can synthesize my ideas into some concreteness, I anticipate I will be asking for some help.  Hopefully I’ll pull together a post on that while I am letting the chemo work over the next few days.  The “Help the Andersons” link (over there on the right) has been so helpful.  People have been offering to help us and then my friends, the help administrators, plug them in with what would be beneficial to us.  Thank you, again, for all the comments, help, prayers, gifts, and love you are sending our way.  I’ll be reading emails/comments in the chemo room today.  I. Soak.  It.  All.  In.  Love wins.


  1. chubbyroad2skinny /

    Will pray! And you made me laugh out loud with the “putting a burp cloth on your head” comment 🙂

  2. Lots of prayers for you and all of your family!

  3. PurpleN /

    Keep on keepin’ on! More prayers and well wishes coming your way from your normally non-praying reader in St. Louis 🙂 . All the best today, tomorrow and for the future!

  4. You make me laugh and cry at the same time. You are amazing. Hugs and prayer to you!

  5. Donna /

    From a new reader who thinks and prayers about you alot. Keep your positive’re amazing!

  6. Oops thats prayers, as in more than one prayer aka
    multiple prayers!

  7. Donna /

    Like Kate I made a prayer mistake too:). I pray for you often!

  8. Praying for you in Southeast Ohio. Bald is beautiful! So proud of you and rooting for you!!

  9. hrose /

    Hi Jen- I have been following your post from day one commenting here and there. Your Day 1 was my brothers birthday so I remember and count the days with you sometimes. What I haven’t mentioned yet but thought it might be a nice “chemo inspiring- you’re awesome and thank you so much” note to read during todays chemo was I have been so impressed with your attitude and approach, thinking to myself this women should write a book for those facing cancer. Her perspective and strength is a testament for all of us. Then on April 10th I found a lump…. I thought of you when my midwife said, no big deal you’re only 33, lets get a mammogram. Fast forward to a few test later We’re looking at some rare form of a tumor. Through all of this I keep coming back to you. Reading and rereading your post for inspiration and attitude adjustments. I focus on your hope and your stamina and I soak up how it makes me feel. I am stronger and more prepared for what lies ahead because of your words and your willingness to share. My attitude which can sometimes be a badittude is less bad and more glad and grateful. Though I wish this wasn’t your journey I am so deeply and profoundly grateful for your words. Thank you. Thank you for making this easier on me. Thank you for helping me by just being you!

    So I send you all that gratefulness and inspiration right back into your blood count and Chemo IV and 1:30. I see it magnifying the healing work of the chemo on those cancer cells and swimming right around the healthy cells. I see the cancer cells give way and relinquish their strong hold and leave with each exhale. I see you glow with health and vitality. May all your good work come back to you a thousand fold.
    Kind regards,

  10. Keeley /

    I have never met you, nor do you know me, but I think you’re incredible. Absolutely incredible. And this cancer will be beaten. Sending prayers your way 🙂

  11. I also don’t know you at all, but I have been so moved by your posts. I started reading on day 1, and have cried, and laughed, and rejoiced, and prayed for you. I think you are amazing. I will be thinking of you at 1:30 and throughout the afternoon and weekend. I hope you can feel the positive energy and prayers and love that this complete stranger is sending you!!

  12. I love it when you give me specific prayer requests. My Thursday morning study is focusing on prayer this semester and I am asking others to pray for you, too.♥
    The battle is raging. Good will triumph.

  13. Hi Jen, I found you through Glennon at Momastery on March 25. Since that day I have been checking in daily to read your posts and know how best to pray for you. You are an amazing woman. You are lifting others up with your words. I especially loved your post about how you’re human – it was lovely to see/read that side of you. You could be me. There is not a doubt in my mind that you will win this battle. I will be praying this afternoon … and God will be healing.

  14. When I see a bald woman I always think, “there’s a beautiful, strong, warrior – may she win the battle and the war.”

  15. Praying for you today. I hope everything goes well with your treatment, and your girls have a great time in your absence. I would love to see a picture of you (before or after your hair loss) to put a face with a name. 🙂

  16. I wish you were on twittere. I sent this out, I hope every can come and read this true gift of a post. You inspire me to LOVE MYSELF.

  17. Don’t know you or your story, but saw this come across on the Twitter feed (thank you, GDRPempress!)

    My rock star diva girlfriend who sings and taught my kids how to play piano finished her treatments just before my daughter’s wedding. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to, but she sang during the ceremony–something my daughter dreamt of all her life. During the reception, my friend removed her hat and danced, unveiling herself in celebration of God’s faithfulness to her.

    Laying my hands on the keyboard now, praying for you, your family, and your treatment. May God superintend every step of the way and reveal His goodness and faithfulness to you.

  18. laura /

    Praying… praying… praying… much love!!

  19. Carrie /

    Jen, I also found you from Momastery and have been reading your blog since Day 1. I live in Georgia and have two little boys around the ages of your girls – 4 and 1. I often find myself driving around and then I think of you. And then I say a prayer. You are such a inspiration, and I love reading about the triumphs you have experienced so far. I will continue to pray for victories, small and large, to come your way. Carrie

  20. The lovely GDRPempress pointed me in this direction – and boy am I glad. You are an inspiration – truly. I am praying for you and all of yours and sending warm, positive vibes in your general direction. xoxo

  21. Strength and power to you and yours! What a thing to go through this life on earth – thank for sharing your journey.

  22. iampisspot /

    From one runner to another runner, you are in my thoughts.

  23. Heather /

    kick cancers ass today!! love a mom from Atlanta who loves your blog! xo praying for you everyday.

  24. Cecilia /

    I’m praying for you right now. I love reading your posts. You inspire me.

  25. Caitlin /

    You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but I’m a mom, just like you. And YOU give me strength each day. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs. They are helping me face my daily struggles. I’m praying for you today and sending love your way. Be strong! You can do hard things.

  26. I am sending all the prayers and love I have your way. And you go on with your bald self, girl! I am proud of you (although I don’t know you), and I think you are AMAZING!

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I needed to read this today. I am going to share it, too.

    Hugs & love,
    Erin in Kansas

  27. Ingrid /

    Thinking about you during your chemo-time. Praying for all the things you listed… and patience. I ALWAYS pray for patience, lol. “God’s-time” can be very hard to embrace.

  28. Susan /

    What a good example you are in so many ways to so many people! Praying that as you read this you are, in fact, sitting in the chemo room receiving your chemo. It was helpful for you to give those specific prayer requests. Those and many more prayers are coming your way! Have a good chemo day!

  29. Truly beautiful. Thank you for sharing your struggle because it makes us all wiser and better. I love that you’ve embraced your bald–and if you run by house, i’ll run with you.

  30. I found you through GDRPempress. Thank you for sharing your journey and for laying out specific prayer requests. I will pray for those things and more.

  31. susiepark /

    I’m following your story and wishing you strength, peace, serenity, chocolate, laughter, all the good things in the world.

  32. Bonniebj /

    Think I’d just go bald too- one less thing to think about and the freedom to not have to mess with so many cowlicks 😉 Jen,praying for you as you journey through the afternoon…strength be yours, great blood count be yours, peace be yours and abounding grace be yours. Today is the day the Lord has made.. You make me rejoice and be glad in it with you. The son is shining even though it’s behind the clouds.

  33. LOL. – the image of you outrunning cancer, sweating it out of your pores and celebrating makes me smile. You are fine and you will be fine

  34. Carole Turner /

    You have the right kind of attitude to beat CA— positive, prayerful, focused. Focused on the right here, the right now. That’s really all any of us have, anyway, though we like to think otherwise.

    Several friends of mine have beaten CA. One in particular, a former model in her 60s. For a while she was bald, and she wore subtle makeup and pretty ear rings and let everyone see how brave she was, battling CA and having a good attitude toward her temporary baldness.

    When you let people know specifically what you need prayed for that helps makes our prayers more personal.

    Chemo sucks, but it is not forever. In a few hours you will be back home with your family. Hopefully, it will have been a good chemo day.

    Wandering into your blog today via mollydcampbell (who is an amazing lady) has been a day-brightener for me. Thank you!!


  35. Praying praying praying and sending lots of love to you and your family. Love always wins!!!

  36. I have a weird, giant melon head. I’d still have the hat on. Otherwise, I’d look like one of those comic book super villains.

    All best wishes with you today. I’m here because of the GDRP Empress. She’s good people.

  37. Kimber Bennett /

    Darlin’, may you kick cancer’s ass. I have a Twitter pal fighting breast cancer right now, and I’ve dubbed her Warrior Woman. I suspect you, too, are such a woman. Sending you as much positivity as I know how to send. *smooches*

  38. lots of luck and love! and prayers of course too

  39. Sending you and your family lot of love and light.

  40. dadofthedecade /

    Hey! Directed here by Good Day, Reg People.

    First of all, best of luck with your treatments. The best thing about Chemo is that it is not forever. You are stronger than the drugs they give you.

    It’s pretty clear that your attitude and determination are already making you the best cancer patient you can be. Be good to yourself.

  41. Katie /

    You are amazing! Praying hard for you here!

  42. smacksy /

    Sending warm thoughts and prayers of healing and grace your way.

  43. Mum in England /

    Dear Jen,
    It is Thursday evening here in the UK but I think (if I have got my timings right) it is Thursday afternoon and chemo time for you. I have been reading your blog every day since I saw the link from Glennon at Momastery.
    You are in my thoughts every day, and I am sending happy, healing vibes to you from 4000 miles away.
    My little girl is almost the same age as your Greta…. you are not only inspiring to me as someone fighting an illness, but also as a great mum.
    Lots of love to you, you are doing brilliantly

  44. Oh we are praying for you over here in NOLA!!!!….You are inspiring and strong! We are rooting for you!

  45. The next time I go for a run and feel like whining, I will think of you and thank my body for getting me this far. For being healthy. I am in awe of your fortitude, attitude, and any other “tudes” you can think of. Hugs and healing thoughts to you and your family.

  46. Praying! I love knowing the exact time the chemo will be hitting, so I can really focus my prayers. If you could keep that during nap time, I’d appreciate it 🙂 I’m amazed (as usual) by your drive, your passion to do anything and everything to make it just that much harder for the cancer to live in you.

  47. Candace /

    I send you strength and hugs.I am in Hope and certanity all will be ok. Keep your head up and keep running! You will out run this. 🙂

  48. Visiting thanks to @GDRPempress.
    First, you rock the run. May you remain so strong.
    Second, your comfort level with your baldness is also awesome. I’m glad you can concentrate your energy on healing instead of being self conscious.
    Third, you reminded me of one summer at the pool. When our family lived in Lexington, KY, we lived within walking distance of a city pool, so we went pretty much every day in summer. There was another family that went every day, too. It was a Mom, sometimes a dad, and three boys. At the beginning of summer, Mom wore a big old sun hat all the time, and I noticed her for that reason. We always waved ‘howdy neighbor’ but never spoke. We both knew we lived close, but our kids weren’t close in age, so we never had a reason to. Then one day, I missed the sun hat and wondered where she was. I scanned the crowd and suddenly realized that she was there, just not wearing her sunhat. Instead, she had on a bandanna. And I realized she was bald. I never saw her without either the bandana or the hat. And I never went over to say “keep on keeping on” even.

    But the next summer, when we initially didn’t see her at the pool, I was worried. Then, about a week in, she came, still in her bandana, but with hair starting to show through. And even though she was a stranger, I wanted to cheer.

  49. Kari Barrett /

    I’ve been bald, well half bald after brain surgery. There is something very liberating about it. I’m glad you are able to embrace it. It is a sign of what you are fighting for, and progress towards healing. Keep those positive thoughts flowing through you. I’ll be praying for you, and all those involved! Keep up the good fight!

  50. Sending you positive thoughts right now from Vancouver, Canada 🙂

  51. Laura /

    Thinking of you and praying! Warts and all, you are amazingly strong and inspiring.

  52. Thinking of you while that chemo kills the bad cells and that all our prayer protect the good cells. You. Are. Strong.

  53. It is 2:44pm EST. I am praying for you, your wonderful bald head, your doctors, your chemo and your cheerful beautiful spirit right this instant.

  54. As my workday ended (I work at Starbucks) I sat for a moment before leaving and read this post sipping on my coffee. First of all – Amazing job running and for more than a mile! More than I can say for myself in the past month. Second you are doing a beautiful job of being a mommy to your girls and showing them what is really and truly important in life! But what I really want to share is that as I got in my car to pick up my son from school I began to pray for you and your journey. As I was praying a song came on by The Newsboys “Save Your life” the lyrics that stood out “I’d make you see it if I could
    It’s gonna save your life, gonna save your life

    Dear Friend,
    I’d be lying to you
    If I told you this road that we travel would be smooth
    Sometimes, you just wanna give up
    Trying, and trying, but nothing is ever enough” Keep Trying – Keep Pressing and know that The Lord is always there with you 100% of every minute and second. Thank you for being brave and strong and sharing your story. Love Wins!

  55. I love that you are embracing the bald, and concentrating on being building your strength and health -that is a good place to be.

    I am praying for each thing on your list. And for strength for you and your family, and for peace to surround each of you.

  56. Misty /

    Praying for you in Alabama. You are amazing!

  57. I’m sending you lots of strong thoughts! Strength to you and your family. Strength to your blood and body. And strength to the chemo to knock the crap out of that cancer!!!

    This is completely random and you would need to form your own opinion. But check out research done on folic acid (folate). They put it in Everything as ‘enriched’ white bread, rice, cereals. They put it in such high amounts that they are now finding that it may be causing and/or increasing cancer. ( it’s a cell division helper – and is helping the cancer cells just as readily as the healthy cells ). Anyway. I just completely randomly ran into this info yesterday and thought of you. Maybe you already know this or it’s silly. But I couldn’t rest without letting you know the possibility! 🙂 and hey… Cutting out white bread never hurt our figures either! Haha! 🙂

    Good luck today!!!

  58. Sending you good thoughts and warm prayers. (You can reheat them if you like, they have a great shelf life–kind of like a 1970’s Twinkie). I’m thinking Dory thoughts — Just keep swimming! Swimming! Swimming! 🙂

  59. Keep in running, mama!! Lots of prayers and thoughts for you!!

  60. Rachel /

    You’re a few hours into today’s session and although we don’t know one another- I’m thinking about you and sending strengthening vibes your way. Like many of the others, I’m amazed by your strength, your faith and your determination. My youngest two are about the same ages as your girls- mine turned 1 and 4 at the beginning of this month. They are fabulous little ladies, but along with their big brother (just turned 6), they test my patience and sanity pretty frequently. I have my own law practice, a husband who travels 80% of the time and very little help.

    Here’s where it comes back to you- I found your blog last month and have been following you ever since. In the recent times where my stress is high and my patience thin, I think of you and the grace with which you’ve handled this cancer- your stress. It reminds me that we all have our struggles and I can either let life overcome me and show a less than terrific side of myself, or I can rise to the challenge and show my kiddos how to make lemonade out of real life lemons!

    Thanks for being an inspiration and keep up the fight- you’re amazing!


  61. Sending you prayers & love.

  62. Kimberlee /

    I am a complete stranger to you Jen, but I have been praying for you EVERY DAY since i found your blog in March. I’ve asked my friends and women in my bible study to pray for your healing as well. If we pray, He will listen. 🙂 Your strength, amazing courage and awesome attitude are glorifying Him and comforting so many right now. You are such an inspiration!
    Praying for you in Utah. 🙂

  63. Saw a link to your blog today and wanted to come by and tell you, that while we have only JUST met, I admire your strength, courage, faith, and beauty! And I will be praying for you! And for those who love you!

  64. I wonder if you are sleeping yet? Soon those pink chemo super heros will be zapping all those disgusting baddies inside you. You will even feel them as they reach your toes – warts ‘n all – POW – PAZAM – ZAP – splutter splutter and the good guys win – yeahhhhh! Go chemo, go chemo (waving pink pom poms). Sending loving thoughts. Not the life you would choose but it is yours. Carry on being amazing (you may not feel it – but you are) xxx

  65. You are amazing. Hugs and good thoughts to you.

  66. Sally Stanfill /

    Praying for you right this moment.
    I love picturing all you described!

  67. Hi Jen.
    I haven’t posted in a bit, but I’ve been here praying and carrying you with me everyday. You are amazing. You are inspiring. You are loved! Thank you for sharing your story, your life, with all of us.

  68. Your optimism shines through this page like true sunshine; I’m humbled by the strength you havefound. Prayers are with you..maybe late,different timezones..and good thoughts are lowing your way. And baldness? Is cute.

  69. Thinking of you and your family! Hugs to you and yours-stay strong!

  70. Steffy /

    Thinking about you in Michigan – right now! Peace and love and energy be with you and upon you. You are on my heart.

  71. ohiofishergirl /

    Sending positive thoughts your way and know that I’ve been thinking of you all day. I loved reading about your morning run…YOU ROCK!!! Big hugs to you, Lauri

  72. Jennifer /

    Jen, I am Jennifer from Mary Orlando’s life group – we met at Christmas Eve service. You often come to my mind & when you do, I pray for you, Brad & the girls. I know you are bombarded with messages, but just read your blog, prayed for you & thought you might get this as you are getting your treatment right now.

  73. You are a strong woman! God bless you for sharing your journey. I’m certain writing helps you by capturing your feelings and then being able to release them into cyberworld. But it also helps us, the readers, and blesses us to know that amidst so much going on, you believe. You have hope. And that is a great testimony to all of us. A friend of mine also went through cancer, breast cancer. While I can’t relate, not having gone through cancer myself, I thougt I would share her page with you in the hopes that it can bless you too.
    With love, Marilyn

  74. perceptivitystudio /

    From Jen with two boys to Jen with two girls, you are in my thoughts and prayers. I am visualizing the chemo kicking those cancer cells’ booties right now at 3:51 est. Hang in there, mama! You have so many people pulling for you.

  75. “Healing from the cancer, now that is a big deal to me.” Gotta love a lady who has her priorities straight. Praying that your treatment goes well today and that you have the strength you need to keep fighting this fight. Your posts are very inspiring. Keep writing them.

  76. Marion /

    When your mom told me about your diagnosis that day in the park, she just kept saying, “But she is awesome.” Gosh, she is right – you are awesome and amazing! “Running” through cancer to remain strong. Wow! Your post had me in tears and giggles at the same time. I hope that during your treatment right now, you are finding peace and strength and feeling the loving warmth of God. You are doing everything right in this battle. Sending prayers your way for sure right now!

  77. courtney /

    Just prayed for you, brave, brave woman! And your family and your cells. You are such an inspiration! I read each day, and send prayers up, and will continue to!

  78. Jett Superior /

    I like that you boldly ask for prayer. That is amazing and awesome.

    I have long been the flavor of person that DIDN’T ask, and that nonsense is foolish. And prideful, which occurred to me in a somewhat painful epiphany a couple of years ago.

    Bless your bald self, girl. Go human go.

  79. I ran a half marathon this weekend and there was a “bald woman running” beside me. She was strong and beautiful. I was so inspired. You are strong and beautiful and that chemo will completely eradicate any cancer.

  80. Heather /

    I think you’re still in chemo right now, so I’ll give you a little something to read while you finish up. A year ago this month, my dad was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. It was an ugly diagnosis — the one year survival rate is only around 50%. As of last month, at his first post esophagectomy (I’m sure I misspelled that) PET scan, he remains totally cancer free. The surgery was last August, so this was amazing news. My dad is not a churchgoer, and I’m not sure how much of a believer he is or was, either, but he sure had a lot of people praying for him. I KNOW it helped — how else to explain the miracle he’s living so far? Anyway, we are all praying the very same for you — keep the faith, girl!

  81. nerdygirlguide /

    All good thoughts are heading your way. Kick cancer’s butt!

  82. Sue Nitz /

    Hi Jen. I hope you felt the love and prayers today as Maryann I lifted you and your family up in prayer. The following bible verse really helped me through my most difficult times. Perhaps you noticed it at the bottom of all my emails.

    Romans 5:1-5
    Peace and Hope
    Therefore, since we have been justified through faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have gained access by faith into this grace in which we now stand. And we boast in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

    God has plans for you to prosper. And He wants you to crawl up in His lap so He can comfort you. You are an amazing woman. Keep looking at the blessings and allowing others to be Christ for you. It is part of His plan. Much love to you and I will be praying extra hard in the next few days.

  83. Praying for you and your family (and your medical team) with uplifting thoughts for you from Coastal Georgia. Better days are ahead. Take care.

  84. Rachel /

    Hi Jen, Praying for you, your girls, your husband and the rest of your family, your doctors and your friends who are helping you out. I really enjoy your writing–thank you for sharing your journey.

  85. Shelley Carter /

    Praying for you right now. That the chemo is getting rid of the cancer cells, sparing the healthy ones, and that your body’s immune system can keep doing its job. And, praying also for your husband and the girls. Think I missed you in the chemo room by half an hour, but still wanted to send this!

  86. Sending love and light your way…your strength is so inspiring 🙂

  87. I’m praying for you! Bald is beautiful. I tell my husband that all the time. 🙂

  88. Amber Hahn /

    We love you guys! You had Brian balling in the O’hare airport today because he finally got the courage to read all your posts. Tomorrow is Crazylegs at UW Madison – Jess, Gary & I will be running it. Perhaps it’s an “event” that you can put on your 2013 calendar for you & Brad to do with us. Brian’s watching the 5 kids tomorrow, I’m sure he’d be up for 7 in 2013.

  89. Vicky Kulikov /

    Prayers your way! What an inspiring , beautifully written blog post. You go girl!

  90. macgin /

    Peace to you. Have you read the book Crazy Sexy Cancer? There is also a video. The video chronicles her journey and gives lots of tips and ideas that she incorporated into her life. It may give you some helpful information to help you on your journey. She also has a web-site. Standing with you in prayer. Love Ginny

  91. macgin /

    Peace to you. Have you heard of the book called Crazy Sexy Cancer? There is also a video by the same name that chronicles her journey with cancer. The video has some great ideas and tips that she discovered while educating herself about her cancer. You might find them helpful in your journey. Standing with you in prayer. Love Ginny(from Canada)

  92. Cyndi /

    I started the day with some serious prayers for you. Just can’t help but remind God to check in on Jen on a regular basis…especially today. 😉 And I’m glad you’re all in with your cancer warrior response…exercise, nutrition, Drs. Wonderful and Awesome and a beautiful attitude!! YOU are awesome, Jen!!!

  93. i’ve been reading since glennon sent us here on day 1. your story is absolutely beautiful and inspiring to read. thank you for sharing it with perfect strangers, and allowing us to practice the precious discipline of praying for and loving someone we may never meet.

  94. First time reading your blog and holy cow are you badass! It’s so beautiful that your child likes you this way, too. They’re inspirational, aren’t they? Will be praying for you while in chemo and other items you mentioned. Stay strong!

  95. Ooh, my comment didn’t take. Back now. Been thinking and thinking about you since GDRPempress mentioned you. I wish I could have waved to you on your run. Know you are inspiring and teaching us with every step you take. Sending strength and light.

  96. Sending you prayers. Your courage and determination inspire me.

  97. Keeping you & your family in my prayers. Your courage & determination inspire me.

  98. I do not think I’ve ever read two more hopeful words than these at the end of your post:

    Love Wins.

    Yes. Oh yes, it does. Love wins. And you have so much love headed your way. I hope that you are feeling it now, that you continue to feel it whenever you need light. Always.

    You are loved. You are winning. Already.

  99. Katie /

    Love your blog and your attitude! Definitely praying for you.

    Try duct tape on your planters warts. Put on before you go to bed. Even the doctors agree it works and works quickly.

  100. Prayers for you. And I think it’s wonderful that you were more awkward about the cardigan than going bald. Good for you!

  101. You’re amazing! Beat this shit! Bald is sexy! Be like that! 🙂

  102. Lots of prayers coming your way! And I love that Maren prefers your bald head over a scarf!

  103. Your courage is inspiring! F Cancer!!

  104. You are a treasure to me Jen. Your writing, your heart, your courage, your sense of humor… inspire me to be my best self. I want to do today well because I KNOW you are doing today well. Thank you for writing. Love you.

  105. My prayers are with you! Your courage is amazing and I think going bald and being comfortable is important! I’m on your side!

  106. My friend Alexandra (the Empress) sent me over here. Now I have “met” you and am sending healing thoughts your way. You are inspiring!

    Also, for plantars warts? I have always found that raw garlic – the oils from a freshly sliced open clove – rubbed on them twice a day (especially after bathing and the oils allowed to stay on) makes them rapidly shrink and go away.

  107. Keeping you in my prayers, tonight and for now on. <3

  108. I’m sending good vibes your way. I’ll be five years post hysterectomy due to cancer this July, and yours is a fight worth having 🙂

  109. Your bravery is contagious. Praying for all the best for you!

  110. mals2003 /

    Peace to you in your journey…

  111. neilochka /

    Praying for health and strength for you!

  112. neilochka /

    Sending you prayers.

  113. As a fellow runner, blogger, and mama, I am rooting for you. I love your braveness about being bald, I bet you are beautiful and a symbol of strength to your kids and community. Best wishes to you and your family. Love that I am comment 100!!

  114. The power of positive thinking is a magnificent thing. You are surrounded by so much of it in the blogosphere. Thanks to GDRPempress for sharing your site.

  115. My p[rayers for you, and rest gently please. dusty

  116. You don’t know me, but I’m thinking of you, and keeping you warm in virtual arms. Alexandra aka the Empress sent me here and I’m glad she did. Rock on.

  117. Prayers for you and sending you so much love and strength. xo

  118. I’m sending you what I’ve got.

    (Right now, all day.)

  119. My sister-in-law forwarded your blog to me since I went through all of this 4 years ago. I really think you need no advice on how to fight this better. One’s attitude is the most important thing, and yours is phenomenal. God bless you and your family. Keep fighting the fight–you will win!

  120. Prayers headed your way today, sweet lady! I loved reading the description of your running pink-faced and bald-headed through your neighborhood. Keep fighting! 🙂

  121. Came by to see how you’re doing after the chemo today, Jen. So many people out here praying for you and holding you close in their hearts.

    You’ve got an army going….

    Much love, and prayer, and thoughts.


  122. I’m back too. I originally came thanks to Empress (above–@GDRPempress). I hope this morning you are doing well. You’re still in my thoughts and in my heart.

    more hugs and prayers coming your way!

  123. I will definitely pray! You are an incredibly strong woman!

  124. I haven’t had cancer but I feel your struggle and strength. Last year I went through a divorce and then within 8 months my 4 children’s father passed away suddenly of a heart attack at 43. I had to tell my children their father died and become the administrator for his estate (including a business I had to now run to support my children). It’s difficult and exhausting and some days I’m not sure I can do it all. But my children (16, 14, 12, and 10) see me doing it for them. You have the fight in you and your children (no matter how old they are) see it too. Keep up the fight and there will be many out there praying and holding you up. Fight on my sister in struggle.

  125. Love that you are getting comfortable going bald- no reason to hide it! Sending prayers! xo

  126. You go with your bad ass bald self. If you lived near me, I would have run out to cheer you on.

  127. sending all the positive thoughts your way.

    I started crying when I read the line “I like you like this Mom.”

  128. You brought tears to my eyes. Praying hard for you and yours!

  129. Sending you prayers & strength. Bald is beautiful…or I liked to think so when I went bald during my chemo. Staying strong is the smartest and best thing you can do right now… So glad you are making it a priority!!

  130. Cancer sucks. Love wins. Praying for you, beautiful lady.

  131. Lots of love and healing prayers for you. You are an AMAZING woman.

  132. You are so beautiful and amazing. You totally ARE strong. I admire you so much. Also, you’re a beautiful writer.

  133. The Empress sent me over because she knows that I will be on my knees for you. Much love to your beautiful bald head!

  134. Peyton /

    Run, you gorgeous pink faced sweaty lady! Seeing you dash by or waiting at soccer would be the most wonderful sight I’ve seen in a long time. Keep it going, girlfriend. XO

  135. Fadra /

    As if 133 comments aren’t enough to keep you distracted from chemo, I thought I’d add one more. Is it wrong to say that if I am ever a cancer patient I want to be just like you?

    You are stronger than I am as a regular ol’ healthy woman. Bald is freeing, I think. I would save so much time in the morning and I’d have all the reasons to rock the big hat collection I have but never wear.

    I still remember the shock of seeing a bald woman for the first time way back when Star Trek the Movie (came out). Yes, I’m old because I saw it in the theater. But after the shock, it was cool and beautiful.

    I hope that today, the cancer decides that you are too strong for it and it decides to run away. You have a lot of living to do and it sounds like you are busy doing it. Keep strong!!!!

  136. Empress sent me here. I will pray. Read 2 Kings 20:1-5 and Daniel 10:11-12.

    Lots of love – go baldly you beautiful woman.

  137. Empress sent me here too, but with 137 comments, you may never get to this, 138th. First of all: sweat is good. And lots of sweat, even better. I never trust people who don’t get all eggplant colored when they run (maybe the eggplant is just me; I’m sure you were a delicate shade of shell). Sweat out all the toxins, is what you’re doing. And that’s good. Second? Marisa Acocella is a cartoonist and writer whose book Cancer Vixen is about literally kicking cancer’s butt in a pair of stilettos and an attitude. It’s a graphic novel (okay, yeah, a grown-up picture book) but it’s actually funny. And sad. Am impressed by your story and your ability to find humor in what must feel frequently like a really dark, really sucky time. So. wrap that burp cloth on your head, tie up your running shoes, and sweat on down the road.

  138. Thank you for this amazing post. Praying for you – rooting for you. You are so brave.

  139. Rebecca /

    Yeah for surviving cancer treatments, and beating cancer! I am a 23 1/2 year survivor.

    I am praying for you! And can I make a suggestion for your skin troubles? Coconut oil. Check it out online, try a bottle, internally and liberally slathering it on dry sore skin. It feels sooooo good.

    Coconut oil is kind of like exercise, it feels good, and it’s good for you.

    Love and kisses,

  140. I don’t know you, but I wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts. You are beautiful and an inspiration to many.

    I wish I had more words than this, but I didn’t want my lack to prevent me from showing my support.

  141. bungalow56 /

    I have a sister in law who was diagnosed when her youngest was six months old. She is a cancer free warrior six years later. With all of the new super drugs and information out there. This is a fight you will win!
    Prayers have been scientifically proven to help patients heal. And I think bald is beautiful.

  142. You will survive. I believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer. My breasts are gone, but my spirit is thriving. I have been in remission for 7 years. My kids were 6, 2, and 1 when I got sick. And here is the good news… I survived. The cancer is gone. My children are well adjusted even though the first year was tough. I had a perfectly round head and actually have missed it and my cheap 99 cent bandanas from Walmart. And I did and still sweat like a disgusting pig.
    I love your attitude. Allow yourself bad days, tears, and anger but then follow those up with a “I’m going to kick cancer’s tail” fighting spirit and tenacity.
    I am now 38 and write about my life after cancer and the life list I made when I was sick 8 years ago. Life will taste and feel different when this journey is over. And BTW – I had a baby 4 years after my cancer which we were told was impossible.
    You are obviously loved. I was sent here by @gdrpempress who is rallying the troops – what a tremendous friend and blessing. Please know you can email me and I will answer any questions you may have.
    When I was sick, all I wanted to know was that I would survive. It made the side effects tolerable. So know in your heart and soul, all the way down to your toes, that YOU WILL SURVIVE.

  143. Pat Powell /

    Mar has just found where she should be writing to you – so a big WHOOPEE for Mar – you will be like Damo though – very tough – so what can Mar do – I love you so much and will be pleased if I am successful sending this – a big win for this very ill-literate messenger – Love all the way to my so very brave grand grand daughter Mar XXXXXX

  144. katery /

    you are amazing! good luck with the chemo.

  145. Rebecca /

    Thank you for sharing this story. I love your head dressing options, especially the burp cloth. That made me really smile. You are showing all of your Monkee family we (you!) can. do. hard. things! I love that you went bald – your strength shines right through! Love is going to beat cancer because we all know that love wins.

  146. HeatherEO /

    You’re bald and you don’t mind. You’re writing it out. Very well. You’re running! And you’re faithful and funny and so obviously in love with your fam. You’re a hero and it’s a true honor to cyber-meet you.



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