Looking for the Silver Lining

Oct 07

Lately, time has been heavy on my hands. “Do Today Well” echoes in my head. Grabbing one day at a time, sometimes the next fifteen minutes, and planning fun, chores and time with loved ones buoys my spirit. Late summer / early Fall is one of my favorite seasons– hot weather, Jen’s birthday, joyful anticipation of a new beginning, Fall volleyball season, a new school year, and the bounty of my garden.

The original Party Animal, Norv (Jen’s Dad), has been suffering with back pain since last October. After two back surgeries, multiple epidural spinal anesthesia, and a nerve ablation, two back surgeons and a hip surgeon diagnosed continued residual pain as coming from his left hip which required replacement. We grasped at this choice because the ongoing pain was relentless and left him exhausted, frustrated, and bored. Surgery was scheduled for August 19th, but 36 hours before the intended surgery time, he woke up with chest pain. A quick trip to the ER at 3am determined the cause was an irregular heartbeat and, fortunately, he responded well to electrotherapy. I feel grateful for the warning sign of the chest pain as a stroke during the operation for his hip could have had dire consequences.  After a rescheduled yet successful hip replacement surgery at the end of September, we are hopeful that our life is now taking a less painful trajectory and we have light at the end of the tunnel.

To watch a loved one be in constant pain is soooooo hard. August 15th was Jen’s 42nd birthday and she and her Dad were so close. She knew constant pain, she knew how to make the best of the waiting game, and she also knew how to look for the silver lining.  Taking a cue from Jen, I tried not to be angry about the many surgeries, delays, and unrelenting pain that Norv has endured, but rather rejoice in the opportunity to have a successful outcome. Thanks, Jen, for telling us to “Do Today Well” – or it would be so easy for me to wallow. There is a silver lining if you look for it. I will use these days of healing to “Do Today Well” – seeking peace despite circumstance, finding fun, achieving daily tasks, and being grateful for the opportunities of the day.

– Roz (Jen’s Mom)

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Don’t let your hearts be troubled or fearful”. John 14:27


  1. Patty Wheeler /

    Roz you all inspire me. So happy Norv is better. Patty

  2. Ginger Sanford /

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us to “Do Today Well”!

  3. We’ll written Roz. So grateful for you and Norval!💕

  4. Carol Krisko /

    Roz, such a beautiful reflection. Wishing you, Norv & your whole beautiful family much grace & ease. Your daughter was an inspiration, as you continue to be. Know there’re many prayers coming your way. Love, carol k

  5. Sherry Stoffer /

    Praying this last surgery does the trick and Norv gets back to his old self! Praying for many happy pain free days ahead! Sherry

  6. Lindsay /

    Was just telling a friend about Jen and her amazing perspective of “doing today well” yesterday…her legacy continues on for so many of us. ❤️

  7. Thank you for the update. Praying for you all. And, though I never met her, Jen’s generosity in sharing her life w strangers continues to inspire me. Please tell the family , that when her example comes to mind, I pray. You are not forgotten.

  8. Dotti /

    Roz! 😌 You and your family are always in mine and Shawn’s prayers 🙏 Y’all take a lot of care.

  9. Kim Rourke /

    And once again your beautiful reflection reminds us that Jen is still with us encouraging and pushing us to “do today well” by finding those silver linings!♥️ Happy fall my fabulous friend!🍂🍁

  10. Carol Hover /

    Praying for Norv to have a speedy recovery!! There are football games to attend!! If you need anything please call. I love the Do Today Well montra, it works..Jen is helping her Dad for sure.

  11. Paula Hoeffer /

    Roz,I know one thing for sure…Norv has the BEST nurse and so did I! Thank you for your loving care! Ed and I think of you and smile together!

  12. Conni Carlson /

    Hugs and prayers to you all. Greatly appreciate you 💕

  13. Kathi Roth /

    I needed to be reminded. My wonderful Mother in law just passed. Family arriving, preparations to be made and there are things which could cause me to wallow. Reading this reminds me to do today well. Thank you❤️

  14. Lorri Grabarz /

    Funny how such a poignant message pops up on my desk when I needed it most. It reeled me in to smooth out the knots of worry and stress. Thank and blessings for Jen. So well written Roz

  15. Thank you, Roz, for writing. I’m another one who has been thinking about the whole family and am grateful for the legacy Jen created. Best wishes to Norv!

  16. Nancy Brown /

    I agree, Roz, what a legacy!

  17. Roz, I think of Jen often, as I strive to follow her advice to “Do Today Well”. I wonder how many people use this as their daily mantra because of your courageous daughter? So happy Norv may have found the answer to his back pain. Hugs to your family. ♥

  18. Kathleen /

    Thank you Roz (and Jen) for the reminder to find the “silver lining” in each and every day no matter how small. Hopefully Norv is on the road to complete recovery now from his back pain 🤞. Hugs to you all and may your family find the days ahead smoother and filled with joy 💕.