Sep 11

For anyone who might be interested, an article about me appeared in Monday’s Cincinnati Enquirer; it is also online here.

Happy reading!


  1. What a great picture and awesome article. Fundraising is critical and you are giving your time and energy to do so. You are truly a special person. My soccer club (for the first time ) decided to do a fundraiser for breast cancer and we sold over 1000 Tshirts and will donate more than $5000.00. This was our first time and I know we will improve upon this next year. We are already coming up wiith different ideas. The response was amazing. We going to train in the shirts the month of October. Kim(your moms neighbor

  2. A survivor and a celebrity 🙂 Love it! Your inspiration is a blessing to us all.

    Warrior from the north

  3. Bonniebj /

    Wonderful article Jen and yet another way that the Lord has used you and the big “C” to encourage others. Today is a GREAT day, we are rejoicing and are so glad in it!!!

  4. love the pic of you two. love the article. love you.

  5. Hi Jen
    We used to play soccer together a loooooong time ago (20+ years?! How’d that happen??) for the Leopards. I just wanted to say that you & your family are in my thoughts & prayers. I’ve heard snippets about you & your family through the years because my Mom & your mom seem to run into each other somewhat frequently but it’s fun to read your blog. I read the article in the paper the other day too.
    Here’s to 50+ years of NED and happiness!
    : )