The View in Room 1522

Aug 30

The Writer has been admitted to the top floor of the hospital with a fabulous view of Burnett Woods, and has just arrived in the room. The nurse is checking her in. She is in some pain, her color is nice pink cheeks, pink lips, not wearing any oxygen and is talking clearly and following the events of the morning as relayed by Brad. She is warm, and has disgarded her surgical bonnet – which when The Writer says is warm – she is………… she is so frequently cold. She is wearing hospital socks – with just blankets on the main part of her body. The IV access that is in her right hand when she left for the OR is still going well, (not like her mother’s 5 IV sticks). She wants the head of the bed elevated, and is very calm and drowsy, but not goofy or super sedated.

“My peace I give to you, my peace I leave with you”

Today God has really shown us that He listens to prayers – and He answers them. Thank you to all the prayer warriors.

– from the blog of the Rozzinator (Jen’s mom)


  1. AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Jenn t /

    Amazing!!! Every bit of it!!! Wonderful!!!

  3. So she is out of surgery and waking up? I have been thinking of Jen – she is a walking, living miracle. My daughter asked me how we can see God. I see God so clearly today.

  4. Awesome news!!! God is good! And you are very loved:). Sending prayers for a smooth recovery from surgery.

  5. danielle /

    So glad to hear all of this. I woke up early this morning to pray for Jen, the surgeons, her family. It was a blessing for me to spend that time praying for her.

  6. Sharon Hajek /

    Peace be with you. You fill me with peace and I rejoice in the wondrous gifts God gives to those who love Him. You witness that in your every breath. Rest now in God’s peace as your body heals. Rejoice!

  7. Kathy Parker /

    God bless all of you.

  8. SandraA /

    God is indeed good. Be gone cancer, be gone.

  9. Jen, Abby H shared your story and blog with me! Just wanted you to know that many prayers are being lifted on your behalf from KS! Thanks for having such beautiful perspective to see His goodness during such a HARD trial. You are such a precious testimony of grace and a sweet encouragment to my soul. Press on…. Praying for cancer FREE to be a part of your story very soon.

  10. Amber Hahn /

    Lots of random “this is Jen’s surgery day” prayers thrown up today! I should not be surprised by what God continues to deliver, but I continue to be. I guess that is what keeps us praying and hoping and persevering and then we build this amazing character along the way.