Number Sixteen

Aug 08

When I wake up tomorrow morning (Wednesday), it will be my last chemo day.  Sixteen of sixteen. It’s bittersweet.  I’m sad to be leaving the cancer-killing treatment, the comfortable ease I have with my chemo routine, and the friends I have made in what has become “my” chemo room.  I’m happy to say good-bye to the toxins and their side...

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Chemo musings

Jul 19

I am very much in the rhythm of my new cancer normal, and a big part of my routine is chemo. Maren and Greta go to Phenom’s house.  I think they think it is summer camp.  They love it. I’ve had to take a running hiatus for the last two week: I have an infection in my toe that is exacerbated when I run.  Darn toe.  After two courses of antibiotics, I...

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Jul 03

Today was Chemo Tuesday.  I know. It’s so weird.  But tomorrow is the Fourth of July and doctors and nurses like to have holidays with their families too.  So now I am eleven down, five to go.  Wow!  Since all the “Wednesday people” had to mess with their schedule this week, the chemo room was extra busy.  And there were lots of patients I’d...

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Chemo check in

Jun 27

“How is chemo going?”  This is the most-asked question of the past week, so I thought I would answer it here. Today is chemo number ten of sixteen.  Chemo continues to go well for me: I love knowing that cancer cells are dying!  Chemo Days are happy days, for sure. This is my sixth round of chemo on this drug (Taxol).  Now that I am in the rhythm of...

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One rainy day

Jun 11

I went for a run today with only one child and our single stroller.  Maren was over at Pip’s house, and — as much as I love my five-year-old — it was fantastic to not push her forty-four pounds plus the extra weight of the double stroller.  I am happy with my running: the shin splints, stress fractures, and knee pain that have plagued me over the...

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