Jul 03

Today was Chemo Tuesday.  I know. It’s so weird.  But tomorrow is the Fourth of July and doctors and nurses like to have holidays with their families too.  So now I am eleven down, five to go.  Wow!  Since all the “Wednesday people” had to mess with their schedule this week, the chemo room was extra busy.  And there were lots of patients I’d never met before.  As usual, I love chemo day.  I had a nice run this morning, the girls had a great day, and the cleaning woman came to clean my house while I was away killing some cancer.  Eureka!

As soon as the chemo drug started dripping today, I felt tingling in the tumor.  Die sucka!  Love it!

Maren has been calling this holiday “The United States of America’s Birthday.”  She coined this term after I explained the signing of the Declaration of Independence to her.  Apparantly, I am a better high school teacher than preschool/kindergarten teacher.  The whole happy birthday sentiment is not really accurate, but so cute I think I love it.  (Go ahead and sing the Happy Birthday song with “United States of America” in the name slot and try not to smile.)  Tomorrow our neighborhood is having a little parade.  I will be doing some face paint and decorating one bicycle and one stroller.  We will hang out with friends and neighbors.  I will wear a big hat.  We might go to the pool (I’ll still have to wear a frumpy suit, but new ones are on the way!)  We will have a fun and relaxing day together, being thankful for the blessings that our country affords us.

Enjoy your freedom tomorrow.

“In my anguish I cried to the LORD, and He answered by setting me free.” –Psalm 118:5

Free.  I like that word.  I have a (gifted) ring with that word on it.  Cancer-free…


  1. Dave /

    Die sucka die! You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keep fighting, keep trusting, keep being!

  2. It would be UNpatriotic not to recognize the fact we live in a country where we are free to fight cancer. We can get the drugs, have the knowledge, the technology,and the kind friends and loving families to help us along the way. We have people that support funding for medical research and people who knit or crochet hats or scarves. We have a day to celebrate…don’t have to buy gifts…a fireworks show…a parade…freedom…never take it for granted…it is a gift 🙂 fight on!

  3. Bonniebj /

    FREE….we are indeed set free. Jen, have a wonderful day celebrating all that has been given to us as a free gift. Love you and the while family.

  4. All freedom comes at a cost. You are certainly paying the cost on this one so I expect you to really have a jubilant day singing Happy Borthday America. You make me smile

  5. Anonymous /

    I just wanted to post and thank you for your inspiring blog (which I found awhile ago through momastery). You show such grace, courage and faith. As a mom of a one year old going in for a mammogram and follow up with a breast surgeon tomorrow to diagnose a lump, I’m trying to stay positive and your blog is such an inspiration. God bless and more prayers coming your way.

  6. Shelley Carter /

    Just got caught up on how you have been doing and wanted to say that I am so happy all is well. I will keep praying for you — enjoy the summer and your Land’s End suits. I have two – love ’em.