Chemo check in

Jun 27

“How is chemo going?”  This is the most-asked question of the past week, so I thought I would answer it here.

Today is chemo number ten of sixteen.  Chemo continues to go well for me: I love knowing that cancer cells are dying!  Chemo Days are happy days, for sure.

This is my sixth round of chemo on this drug (Taxol).  Now that I am in the rhythm of getting Taxol every week, I don’t seem to be knocked down each time.  Instead, I am generally fatigued.  I sleep a solid eight to ten hours at night, and I try to catch a short nap when Greta sleeps each day.  It’s a lot of sleep!  Luckily, my girls are little, so I fall into their schedule.  The best part: as long as I indulge my sleep schedule, I feel pretty normal (even great) the rest of the time.  I have no nausea on this drug at all.  My chemo experience is a lot different than what I thought it would be before I had cancer!  The fatigue is tolerable, and I still live my full life with minimum cancer allowances.  Sunday we went to church and then the pool for half the day; Tuesday we went to the zoo; we are busy!

Phenom watches the girls on Chemo Day.  My routine is to drop them off, go for a run, and then tidy up the house.  Then I head to my oncology office for five to six hours.  After, I head straight home to pick up the girls for the dinner, bath, bed routine.  Phenom also watches the girls on either Thursday or Friday.  Brad and I call it my recovery day; I soak in extra sleep, grocery shop, chop veggies, and make “me” the priority.  My recovery days make a big mental difference for me; I have much-cherished alone time in my house, and I get to do the jobs that are hard to do with two little people around.  Most importantly, I nap with no alarm and no kids to interrupt.  I am so thankful to Brad for this gift, and to Phenom for giving my girls such a fun summer camp experience at her house.  I miss my girls when I am away from them, and it makes me a better mom when I am with them.  I discovered several years ago that I have to be grounded as “Jen” before I can be a good wife, mom, friend, etc.  Recovery days definitely help me do that.

I just finished my run, and I am getting ready to go see Dr. Wonderful.  I am hoping that he notices some serious cancer shrinkage today: we’ve been praying for obliteration!


  1. suenitz /

    Praying many prayers everyday.

  2. Hanna /

    Praying for obliteration! Can’t wait to hear back what the doctor said. Your faith is such an inspiration and I’m sure because of it the Lord is able to do miracles in and through you. Your attitude and peacefulness are a solid proof of that. Be blessed!

  3. Thanks for the update. Obliteration!