Do not worry

Apr 11

It’s been happening.  A couple of my nearest and dearest of friends, they have said it. “You are glowing.” “You look amazing and strong.” “You look taller (haha), your skin looks terrific.” “You look great.” I am glowing.  Brad and I look at each other, and shrug, and agree: we are not stressed.  We, as with...

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Us: Laughing

Apr 08

Tonight @ 8:30pm, as Brad and I are doing the end-of-the-really-awesome-fun-weekend-pick-up in the kitchen: Him: “You know, I was really hoping your hair would fall out this weekend.” Me: “What?!?!”  Followed by prolonged laughter.  “What do you mean by that?”  More laughter.  I mean, really.  Did my husband really just say that?...

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Today we go two by two

Apr 06

My hubs is the kind of guy who takes all of his girls on dates.  The two of us try for at least once a month, but I-Need-My-Mama-Baby-G has hurt our track record for the past ten months.  In light of recent events, we are again motivated to make our dates a priority.  I always love my husband, but we like each other a lot more when we make time for our marriage....

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In the morning

Mar 30

Brad and I will wake in the dark, peek in on our babies, and tiptoe out the door.  We will listen to something peaceful on the way to the hospital.  We will hold hands.   We will talk, or not.  It doesn’t matter; we enjoy each other’s presence  equally in the best and in the worst of times. At 6 am, we will find the right waiting room and wait.  I...

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That Pile Of Papers On My Counter

Mar 29

I am sifting through the stack of papers on our counter that materializes out of thin air by the hour.  Seriously, where does it come from?  There is mail, Maren art, catalogues, to do lists, receipts, grocery lists, coupons, and more Maren art.  I sort, toss, file.  I move through the pile and I find that I have a coupon for “$10.00 Off: All styles of bangs...

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