Us: Laughing

Apr 08

Tonight @ 8:30pm, as Brad and I are doing the end-of-the-really-awesome-fun-weekend-pick-up in the kitchen:

Him: “You know, I was really hoping your hair would fall out this weekend.”

Me: “What?!?!”  Followed by prolonged laughter.  “What do you mean by that?”  More laughter.  I mean, really.  Did my husband really just say that?

Him, laughing: “Well, rather than you having to call me and tell me about it, I was hoping I would be here.”

Us:  Laughing more.  Because that’s how we are.

Cut to bedtime:

Me: “So, how do you want me to tell you when my hair falls out?”

Him: “Um, call me, I guess?”  Thinking.  “Or, text me a picture?”

Me: “A picture of me, or of my hair?”

Us: Laughing.  A lot.  Because, obviously, my hair and I will be posing separately for photos in the very near future.

On the day of my first chemo treatment, I asked Nurse Practitioner Rockstar: “I’m hearing wild variations on the whole hair thing.  Some people are telling me I’ll lose it all, immediately.  Others say that I may keep it for several chemo treatments.  And some say it’ll just get really thin.”

Nurse Practitioner Rockstar, “Yes, some people have different experiences.”

I say, “Okay, so does it depend on, like, my hair?  Or is it the different chemo drugs?  Or both?”

Nurse Practitioner Rockstar, very matter-of-fact, “You will definitely lose all your hair.  Soon.  Probably within one week.”

Me:  “Okay, cool.  Good to know.”  Because it is.  I’m all about expectations.

And now, today, because my hair was supposed to be gone by Friday, and it’s now Sunday night, I am feeling all proud of my hair.  You know, for like, holding on, or whatever.  I’m like getting straight A’s in cancer patient hair retention.  I love over-achieving.  And I love us: laughing.


  1. maggieeileen /

    Oh, my goodness, girl, you are something else! What a blessing the two of you are to each other. I’m so glad. Praying for you all.

  2. Laughter is the best medicine! Glad you are getting plenty of it:)

  3. sprinkleofjoy /

    …and I especially love your last paragraph. You go girl! Visiting from Momastery and sending heaps of positivity your way!

  4. Sue Nitz /

    Thank you for the smile in the middle of the night! Speaking of the middle of the night my memory is of the first time I had bed head after my hair started growing back. I ran into our bedroom at 3 in the morning and flipped the switch on to show my husband. He said “Susan, go back to bed.” I was so excited I sported it all day! Keep laughing and being your wonderful self!

  5. I found that the worst part of losing my hair was WAITING for it to fall out. And also people asking if it was yet. I couldn’t say the words “shave my head” without crying. So good for you & your hubby for being able to laugh about it! I am on Cytoxan & Taxotere and mine came out 2 weeks to the day after my first chemo. I was so proud of it for hanging on so long and I hoped&prayed to be the miracle anomaly that didn’t lose her hair; but alas it came out. And at that point I was ready to embrace the shaving. You’re in my prayers and I know your positive attitude will carry you through this difficult transition and once it’s behind you things will get easier. My 2 yr old now “demands” that I take my wig off when we walk in the front door because she’s now so used to my bald head!

  6. Susan /

    My Mom always set her hair in rollers and sat under a hairdryer every morning. She had her routine. When she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent chemo, she lost all her hair. I thought this would freak her out because she was always so particular about her hair. Well, it didn’t. In fact I told her that hair loss from chemo is one of God’s many blessings. I mean, really, why should you have to deal with hair when there are more important things to deal with? That’s what I told her. She was beautiful with a bald head. We got her a wig and she never wore it! She had little knit hats because her head would get cold, but not for the “look”.
    You are beautiful inside and out and will be just as beautiful when you sport the bald look for a while.
    Keep up your wonderful outlook and spirit. You are an inspiration to all of us.
    Praying for you!

  7. Shannon /

    I am sorry that you have to go through the process of losing your hair. It can’t be easy to handle. I know from reading your blog entries that you will take it in stride and probably look on the bright side–one less thing to worry about! God bless!

  8. You crack me up. I’d be proud of my hair too. I love that my husband and I aren’t the only ones with a crazy sense of humor. It’s good to laugh!!!

  9. you are so fabulous! so, so fabulous! and i bet your hair is fabulous too. AND you’ll be fabulous without it too!

  10. Kim Anderson /

    I love your humor! Still praying for you.

  11. Julie /

    I came across a verse today and it made me think of you… which is funny, because outside of this blog… I don’t know you 🙂 1 John 4:18 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.” I just figured since you are SO INCREDIBLY FEARLESS, you must in fact then be perfect ;)…. Well perfected in love at least! Keep on keeping on loving your hubs, your beautiful girls, letting your love cast out their fears, and our Father’s love will continue casting out your fears… LOVE how that overflow thing works!

  12. Michelle /

    You are incredible. I have been following since your mention on Momastery. Your joy and optimism is truly inspiring.

  13. I would probably have a similar reaction to yours (and your husbands). I’m all about the planning and expectations. I’ve learned that most of the times things turn out differently that I plan, but whatever. It’s not stopping me from doing it. Love your sense of humor! Blessings on your day.

  14. Julie /

    To me that sounds normal for Brad. Don’t you just love him??? I remember the first Talford gatherings he was always my favorite. So kind and thoughtful. I thought how would he ever find a girl as sweet as he was and then there was YOU!!!! A match made in heaven for sure! Your inner beauty shines so brightly I don’t think anyone will notice the no hair. LOVE you x4.

  15. This story made me smile just reading it. You two are amazing.

  16. Jim Reitman /

    Travel-Buddy Jen,
    Now don’t go throwing your hair in the trash – you hear!! You know you and I are somewhat a close match on the hair color & texture. OK – your hair is straight and strawberry red – and, mine is curly and dark brown-red. Close, though!!!! I’m a little thin on the very top (aka – balding) and I would appreciate some for a patch job!!!! Maybe a ponytail – or, how about the mullet look? The two-tone and different texture mix could be awesome!! Yeah – a mullet, that’s what I want!! Love Ya, Jim

  17. Julie /

    Your updates are wonderful. We have prayed for you every single day.

  18. Maureen /

    I have been following your blog (it is strange to realize how strangers can be randomly brought together!) and I just want to say that laughing has kept me sane during 2011 and I realized that life is too short NOT to laugh as much and as often as possible. Thanks for making me chuckle today! Keep laughing!

  19. I’m all about Smiles & Laughter 🙂 I Loved that you are trying to embrace every step of the way to Good Health 🙂