Finding fabulous

Dec 14

Sometimes I remember that I had cancer, and I am in danger of recurrence.  My chest constricts, my heart starts to pound, I blink, I tell myself to breathe, and I physically rotate my shoulders back to force the weight of the cancer to roll off and away.

After shaking it off, I lift my chin, I step away from the fear, and I go do something fabulous.  You know, like the dishes.  Because I have perspective that it is a privilege to do my life and wash my family’s dishes.  Fabulous, even.

Sometimes, more often, I remember that I am cancer free.  My heart swells, my face glows, I inhale gratitude and peace, and I soak in the truth that I. am. free.  I mentally turn my face to the sun, raise my arms, and twirl until I’m dizzy.  Because I know joy.  A smile spreads over my face and I revel in the sensation of life and laughter and living.

After I’m not dizzy any more, I go do something fabulous.  (Again.)

No matter what day, or moment, I’m having, I always fight for the fabulous ending.


  1. Jen, you are once again helping us all put our lives into perspective…gently reminding us that even the mundane becomes extraordinary if we choose to look at it in the proper light. You’re amazing ~ I ♥ that about you!
    Drumroll please….I’m about to begin the oft- forgotten as I’m too busy to get to it chore of….ta da….ironing! But as I do this mindless activity, I’ll have a chance to reflect on my pretty incredible life and smile…thank you 🙂

  2. Marlayne Skeens /

    Jen ~ You put EVERYTHING into PERSPECTIVE !!!!! 🙂

  3. Finding a reason to be happy about doing the dishes – it is the normal things of everyday living that give meaning to our days.

  4. Patty Wheeler /

    You are amazing Jen

  5. Love this, thanks 🙂

  6. When everyday life becomes joyful and fabulous, you know you are in a great state of mind. I like seeing through your eyes!

  7. Funny how I love the mundane things as well. they give me a sense of favorite : watering flowers and pinching them back. Love the picture Jen of you twirling in the sunlight arms upraised- Praise the Lord for your NEWEST of days and the joys in the days to come. Merry Christmas to a victorious warrior and a fabulous family.

  8. A much-needed and healthy dose of perspective for me today. Thank you, Jen!

  9. So beautiful, and true, and hard for most of us to remember. Thanks for a little dose of truth today. Off to do something ‘fabulous’ as well!

  10. I am catching up on emails & blogs. Thank you for this post. Heck, all your posts. I have chronic migraines, which most people don’t truly understand, & I was feeling useless again today.