Twelve down

Jul 12

I am happy. I did have a lovely day with my girls yesterday.  They were exceptionally cheerful and there was hardly any whining!  (I assure you this is monumental.)  Maren asked for a list of jobs to earn a reward, and she did the (longish) list of (age-appropriate, yet complex) tasks while prancing and smiling around the house.  I found myself watching her,...

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Jul 10

Yesterday Brad and I met with Dr. Awesome to discuss my upcoming surgery.  She was pleased with the shrinking tumor(s), and gave me a B+ in cancer-killing.  A B+ is good, but I’ve always been a straight-A kinda girl.  I am happy that I have eight more weeks to continue chemo and Herceptin (the non-chemo biological drug).  I have that time to get to an A.  I...

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Jul 03

Today was Chemo Tuesday.  I know. It’s so weird.  But tomorrow is the Fourth of July and doctors and nurses like to have holidays with their families too.  So now I am eleven down, five to go.  Wow!  Since all the “Wednesday people” had to mess with their schedule this week, the chemo room was extra busy.  And there were lots of patients I’d...

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Jul 02

At breakfast this morning Maren was chattering on and, honestly, I wasn’t all that tuned in.  My thoughts were like: we need more babyfood for Greta, and does Maren’s Poptart have any nutritional value whatsoever, and what is that sticky stuff I keep stepping in?  A pretty normal morning at my house.  Maren concludes her monologue with a reference to...

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How is my mom?

Jul 01

Another most-asked question is “How is your mom?” She has a blog, but obviously, she hasn’t updated.  She’s on vacation.  Maybe she wants a break from thinking about cancer.  Maybe she only brought her iPhone and thumb-typing a post is way beyond her ability/interest.  Maybe she’s too busy being on vacation. So, I’m going to...

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