Jul 02

At breakfast this morning Maren was chattering on and, honestly, I wasn’t all that tuned in.  My thoughts were like: we need more babyfood for Greta, and does Maren’s Poptart have any nutritional value whatsoever, and what is that sticky stuff I keep stepping in?  A pretty normal morning at my house.  Maren concludes her monologue with a reference to beauty, or pretty, or something like that.

I chime in with, “Maren, you have the most beautiful heart and the most beautiful spirit.”

Maren is processing what I just said, and I can actually see the wheels spinning in her brain as she considers what I’ve just said.  “Yes, Mom,” she says, nodding seriously.  “Do you know why my heart is the most beautiful?”

“Why Maren?”  I am poised for her aha moment of how beauty comes from within, or some other wisdom.

“My heart is beautiful because it has lots of loop-dee-loops all over it.”

I laugh.  She laughs.  And then, of course, Greta laughs.  Later, we recounted the story for Brad while we rode to church, and he laughs.

You know, I think her heart does have loop-dee-loops all over it!  Who am I to argue?


  1. Annie /

    Ask Maren if she would draw a picture of her heart with loop-dee-loops all over it!

  2. Loop-dee-loops are a series of circles and connections. She may not have meant it to be so deep but that’s what it makes me think of!

  3. I feel loop-dee-loops when she is in my presence – she makes my heart happy!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE Loop-dee-loops 🙂 I am smiling 🙂

  5. Ginny /

    I have been reading this book…beautifully written…by Sue Monk Kidd…called When the Heart Waits…..you might like it….just a thought I had today….Peace to you today…Warmly, Ginny (Canada)


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