How is my mom?

Jul 01

Another most-asked question is “How is your mom?”

She has a blog, but obviously, she hasn’t updated.  She’s on vacation.  Maybe she wants a break from thinking about cancer.  Maybe she only brought her iPhone and thumb-typing a post is way beyond her ability/interest.  Maybe she’s too busy being on vacation.

So, I’m going to answer so that she can take an extra beach walk for me!

How is Mom?  Well, actually, I think she’s terrific.  But then, I always thought she was pretty terrific.  There was a brief period in my teenage years where I was pretty rude, especially in the mornings, but I’ve always known I hit the jackpot in the mom (and dad) category. In the (few) moments where I try to bargain with God: “Okay, God, just let me make it until my girls are XX-years-old, or until they graduate, or until they are married.”  I have to stop myself because the reality is, I’m thirty-two and I still need my mom.  So, I’m planning on being around when my kids are in their thirties.  No one has told me I’m dying from my cancer, and no one has told my mom she’s dying of her cancer.  Bottom line: we’re too busy living our full, happy, busy lives to dwell in the what-ifs.  Neither of us want pity or sad faces.

She’s not sick, as she would say.  That’s the weird thing about cancer.  She’s feeling healthy and fit and strong now; she doesn’t look or act sick.  She’s continuing on with life-as-normal until her surgery in mid-July.  Then she’ll have chemo starting in mid-August through the fall.

Yes, we are doing things in opposite order.  She’s having surgery first, then chemo.  I’m all chemo’ed up, and I have my first official surgical consult the week of July 9th.  Our cancers dictate the treatment; the doctors tell us what to do.  Both of us find this refreshing; there are few choices we have to make.  I’ve sat in on a couple of her appointments.  She’s a nurse so she knows a lot, which is a double-edged sword when she is the patient.

She loves her team of doctors, she loves my dad, she loves her life.

Cancer schmancer.  Love wins.  I love you Mom!


  1. Rebecca /

    Yes, love wins! I’m so glad that you are both doing so well! Sister on! Blessings to you and your entire family!

  2. Suzanna Waddell /

    Thank you for sharing your life. I admire you.

  3. Speaking of your Mom ~ I left a small package on her front porch last Saturday ~ I did not know your parents were on vacation ~ It is good they are having fun with their friends ~ That’s Living 🙂 Continued Prayers & Peace to you both & your families 🙂

  4. Well, I hope YOU get a vacation too! I admire people who have wonderful moms. I have an awesome mom and we’re best friends. We’re truly the lucky ones! We who have them should pray for those that don’t because sadly I feel that they far outnumber us! HUGS!