The Echo of Legacy

Nov 10

One year ago today, our beloved Jen ran ahead.  The echo of her legacy is loud and clear.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is the value of testimony from those by whom one is known?  Certainly, our wealth resides in our relationships and by that measure Jen was truly rich.  Please join us by raising a toast to Jen and watching a surprise at home video project that was shared with us last night …




  1. Diane Allen /

    Wow…..just Wow…❤😥

  2. Marlayne Skeens /

    Much love for Jen, her hubby, her daughters, her families, her friends❣️What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman and Legacy of doing “Do Today Well”❣️🥰

  3. Oh, my heart… <3 I only knew but a glimpse of her from a writing retreat, but she impacted my heart and my life in a very deep and profound way, as well, and I will carry a piece of her in my heart forever.

  4. Beautiful people, beautiful hearts, beautiful Jen. Brad and family, thinking of you guys often. Lots of hugs

  5. Mary Ann Morrison /

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful, heart wrenching moments of everyone’s memories of Jen. She was a saint who walked among us. Thoughts and prayers from Scott and I to all her family as we celebrated her legacy through this memorialized video.

  6. Kathi Roth /

    Thank you for sharing this with us. Jen called out in me a strength I did not know I had. I reached out to offer to clean or help her in some way. That opened the door to conversations and texts She helped me at a time when I was struggling more than I realized. She helped me see the warrior in myself. Her gifts are priceless. Prayers and hugs continue for your friends and family. I am determined to do today well, always. Miss you Jen❤️

  7. To all who loved Jen most: Thanks for sharing her and know that we’re praying comfort for each of you. I’m praying joy and laughter for each of you because I know Jen knew that God is a God of the impossible. You guys have loved her well.
    Thanks for sharing .

  8. Hannah Smith /

    I never met Jen, we exchanged a handful of emails and I bought one of Maren’s gorgeous paintings which still stands in pride of place on my fireplace but I just wanted you to know that she changed me irrevocably and I have used her zest for life and strength to help get me through my own life struggles. I don’t know how you’re feeling today but ‘miss’ her from afar.

  9. Bonnie B Jackson /

    This is So Wonderful!! Such a gift and everyone’s mini testimonies echo in my heart. Love you Anderson’s .. May we all use the days allotted to us by the Lord have such an impact as Jen’s did in and for us ❤️🙏

  10. Another Jen /

    So, so beautiful What a gift.

  11. Jim Reitman /

    Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman. We love our Jen dearly!🥰

  12. Shannon Weiss /

    What a wonderful way to honor such a beautiful person! ❤️ Sending our love, always!

  13. Much love. Thinking of you and the girls.

  14. Wow. “Life is not measured by the breaths you take, but the moments that take your breath away.” While her life here on Earth was way too short in time, it was clearly so rich in moments because she had the intention and determination to make it that way. I am in awe of the beautiful person she was.