Tonight was a great sunset

Nov 08

You all will appreciate that I typed my blog post last night, did all the bedtime things extra slowly because everything in the hospital is extra slow, rolled over and promptly fell asleep.  At 9:41pm the nurse apologetically knocked on the door and said, “We found you a bed!  You’re moving to your new floor. Now!”

So I settled in for sleep after settling in to my new room at 12:21am last nigh.

Hospital life, yo.  It’s a thing.

Today was a full day on a medically revolving loop.  The net results of it all is that Groundhog-Day-style I’m settling in to sleep as soon as I finish typing tonight.

Tonight Brad called me on his way through the parking lot to encourage me to see the sunset simply because it was beautiful and he knew I would want to know it and see it.

My life is beautiful.

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