Off to the races

Jul 12

Good news, folks. Tonight I took my third dose of my new medication. I spent some time on the phone last week coordinating with all the different players: my oncology team, the manufacturer, the billing liaison, the pharmacy and the insurance company. All of it was worth it though, because insurance is covering nearly all of the cost of the drug. Praise the Lord — this is a big deal as it is a five figure number per month. It is known for gastrointestinal side effects, but relief from the traditional chemo side effects feels like a worthy trade off. Chemo symptoms of “having the flu” have largely lifted, although I still get nauseous a lot; I’m not sure why. I still need to nap most days as well as sleep a lot at night, and I think that is just the wear and tear on my body over the years. Again, a workable cost-benefit scenario. I like to say I’m a gifted sleeper; everybody has their strengths, right?!

It has been an eventful couple of weeks. My sister had a baby and I have the cutest little niece. I got to be at the hospital when she was born and it has been a super special time for our family. My baby sister is a mama and I am so proud of her! Last week I Brad and I went to Texas for my college roommate’s wedding. There were seven of us that lived together for two years in college and we are super close. This was a big deal, and we had so much fun celebrating her.

My Super Sister watched over my kids and household while we were gone, which means that all the things were in better shape when we came back than when I left them. She is the best and loves me (us) so well.

Today I cleaned out a closet, which is an indicator that I am feeling measurably better. For the past eight months when I saw a messy closet, my protocol was to close the closet door. Both methods work well and serve their purpose when necessary! Tomorrow we have more cleaning and organizing on the agenda — tasks that have been long neglected. Fingers crossed we make a fun family time of it and get everything done we are targeting.

I’ve long felt grateful for moments that feel ‘normal’; stringing together incidences of normalcy feels decadent and I savor it. My cough and breath continue to challenge me, but I keep my perspective on my haves rather than my have nots.

This is my life, and I am off to the races.


  1. Glad for the little things !

  2. Lisa /

    Thank God for the drug approval $$$$ Praying you have a super ordinary Saturday cleaning closets!

  3. Julie Talford /

  4. So many praises and prayers of gratitude contained within this post!

  5. Kim rourke /

    Yay for drug coverage approval and cheers for a “normal” family fun cleaning day AFTER you practice your gifted sleeping!!

  6. Kelly Burns /

    That’s great news about the drug approval with insurance! So happy for your family about your SUPER adorable niece!! And glad you had fun celebrating in Texas with your friends. Always thinking of you, Jen! 😘

  7. Katie /

    Praises for the approval of the drug, and for reprieve from the flu-like symptoms. Continued prayers for you, my sweet friend!

  8. Bonnie B Jackson /

    Wonderful wonderful News!! The Lord Loves to Provide and Bless!! So much fun in TX with everyone 💕

  9. Newbie friend /

    Happy that you can feel better!!!!

  10. Karin Eppert /

    Thank You Lord, for ALL Your gifts, big and small. ❤️

  11. Thanks for the update! Glad that you get a respite from the feeling of “chronic flu”. I’ve been praying about your cough/breathing and will continue to do so. Good luck with the closets! –Jennifer

  12. Dave /


  13. Jen P. /

    Praise God, my friend!! Praying for more good days doing all the things and drinking summer in with your sweet girls. Hope to see you soon. ♥️

  14. Tonja R Hemmerick /

    I’ve been missing you my friend. I hope you continue to enjoy your Summer. ☀️☀️☀️
    Much love;

  15. annie /

    So how are you doing today? I think of you and pray for you and your lovely family. Even when you don’t post, I still pray.