Spring in

Apr 09

Spring in

My new drug dripped in today (Tuesday) instead of yesterday because it didn’t get delivered from the pharmacy to my oncology office in time. I’ve been through enough chemo drugs that I’m on to ones that are on the “back of the shelf” figuratively, and — apparently — literally.

Nonetheless, the new chemo is in, and doing its thing. It was nice to see my nurses again today, but I missed all my Monday regulars; hopefully I’ll see some of them next week when I show up for the next dose. I’m visualizing lots of cancer cell destruction today; it’s a good feeling. Any time I start a new drug, the side effects are generally known, but the nuances of how it will impact me are unknown. There is a large swing in the harshness of the various drugs, so I’ve got my optimistic hat on and hope I’ve chosen correctly! Please pray for favor and health and healing for my body.

We are having some perfect Cincinnati spring weather. My hyacinths and laugh-o-dils are in bloom. Maren and I planted our hyacinths on this day in 2012 (link), three days after I was diagnosed. It is a treasure that this is my sixth year watching them grow anew and thinking of her little four-year-old diligence and delight — qualities that continue to bloom in her with time.

The white blossoms on the trees that line our neighborhood are just starting to bloom — in a week it will be full on white-blossomed trees stretching down the road, and I love it so much. In the woods, the leaves are out in the underbrush, with none open yet in the canopy of the taller trees; I love how the littles get rooted before they get shadowed out by the bigs. It’s such a good metaphor to contemplate.

Maren hung up her hammock today and spent her free hour reading and swaying in the breeze. She is reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, a book chosen for her by Brad for her “something to read” at Christmas. Maren and I are accepting book recommendations, so please comment/text/email with titles you love — Easter and birthdays are here! Greta is spending her free time rocketing from her scooter to the playground to her bike to digging in the dirt. Pink cheeks and grass stains are the order of the day. I am soaking in the sunshine and breathing in the beauty of it all with great intentionality. I’m using some of my treasured margin for slow walks outside. There is always time for sunshine in the spring so says my soul.

Thank you for your words of encouragement and love. I read it all and treasure it all.


  1. Dave /

    Praying, praying, praying. Healing in Jesus name.

  2. Melissa /

    Good young adult book we read as a family: The War That Saved My Life. By Kimberly Brubaker Bradley There is a second one too, can’t remember the name, sorry.

  3. Conni Carlson /

    Missed you yesterday, my friend. Hope to see you soon?

  4. Marlayne /

    Soaking in the sun, watching the flowers bloom and the trees starting to bud are GOD’s gifts ~ What a canvas❣️ Praying this drug from the back shelving will kick butt and help heal you❣️

  5. Sherry Stoffer /

    Enjoy this beautiful weather and those healing meds!!!! May God bless you all with sunshine and love!

  6. Kim rourke /

    Love, love, love your littles/bigs analogy.
    Spring is sooo the time to breathe, and soak up the new warmth, shine, and growth of the season. Praying this new treatment allows you time to breathe and enjoy the warmth, color, and rejuvenating joy of the season.

  7. Julie Tomaszewski /

    That’s the Maren I know & remember! Continued love & prayers coming to you from Indianapolis!!

  8. Bonnie /

    Your love and description of our Father’s Creation is a joy and reflection of my ❤️ ,our spring gift !! Praying Jen, Hope springs eternal !! My hyacinths are gorgeous this year!! For you I suspect ??

    • Julie /

      If she hasn’t read them, we loved the Anne of Greene Gables series at that age Lots of lessons about friendship. The Hatchet Series

  9. Elisa /

    Love that memory and photo of Maren! The spring brings such warmth and pleasure to the day… I can’t get enough!
    I will continue to pray for you and your lovely family each day!!!
    Love ya, you wonderful woman!!!❤️?

  10. Mary Ann /

    Thoughts and prayers from Canton. We read all your posts and marvel at your strength and positive attitude. Love, Scott & Mary Ann

  11. Kathi Roth /

    I can see feel and hear that spring day just by your beautiful writing. Soak it up! Envisioning the chemo zapping as it goes through. Praying your body stays strong and no difficulties ?. Maren has the sweetest face. I love those pictures.

    My soul glorifies the Lord. That’s what I hear for you in my morning devotions. ❤️

  12. Lenore /

    Hello…someone sent me your blog in 2012. I was working at that time and would print out your blog and put each post in a notebook by the phone on my desk. Many co-workers would come by and read about you. Many prayers were offered to God on your behalf and you encouraged so many of us, no matter what we were going through. I have since retired but as I run into my former coworkers, they often ask how “my friend” is doing! So this ‘stranger friend’ sends our prayers for you and your family and our thanks for allowing us to be part of your life. We thank God for you.

  13. Charissa /

    Love this post and I too adore all the white trees. Malia was just saying how she missed chatting with Maren on their way to their volleyball training. They have a sweet connection. Thinking of you ??

  14. Becky Merrill /

    You never cease to amaze us!? Continued prayers for healing, strength, & beautiful memories! I want to be like you when I grow up!! When I think of the word JOY I think of you.

  15. Cindy Mitchell /

    What a doll face she is… She is so cute , and what a girl she is..You are raising a very sweet girl.. Sending prayers and hugs .