Non-traditional wishes…

Apr 19

It’s about to be birthday season around here.  We’re celebrating the last days of Big’s 10 and Little’s 6.  Special girls, special times.

You’ll appreciate this moment-in-time with my daughters.

Big is increasingly hard to shop for (sort of), and after much discussion, she has asked for “kindness revolution” supplies.  She wants $5 gift cards to give to her teachers and friends on random-for-no-reason days.  She wants quarters to fill parking meters and give toddlers rides on the automated mini-rides at the mall.  She wants grocery gift cards so she can bake (she loves to bake) and distribute goodies to friends and neighbors and local services like police and fire.  Most of these will be an ongoing challenge/project; this is the way she wants to live.

How luminous is she?

Little saw Big writing down ideas, and — of course — she jumped right in and wrote down some of her own.  Among the items on her list: “Spring”, as in the season.  Can I get an Amen for the G Meister?  I love that she wrote it down; the girl believes in calling forth the desires of her heart.  Her birthday is always short sleeve weather, so hopefully change is in the air.  Also on her list?  “A baby sister” because “I want to be the middle child.”  Oh my.  That’s going to be a disappointment, I’m afraid.  I love that she asked though — I love her dreams.

How magnificent is she?

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  1. Bonnie B Jackson /

    ??????BIG Smiles here for generosity of the heart and spoken desires!!! May the Lord grant the most Special Birthdays!!