Inner Light and Arkadiance

Oct 19

I’m big on calling out truths in the people around me.  If you have a dream or a goal and we’re friends, don’t tell me unless you want me to ask you about it.  Often.  My friends know this and I’m received often with equal parts gratitude and chagrin.  I can’t help it.

For years one friend has had a dream to take her passion for science and fashion and deliver it to the world in the form of wellness and beauty.  She began working on this in earnest around the time that I was diagnosed.  Thus, each time we get together for the past few years, I ask her about her Ami-project… where it’s going, how she’s thinking about it, and what she needs.  She processes with me and invited me to be on her unofficial board early on in the process.  All of this exists in the same space where we watch our children go on an animal safari in the pool, shop for something wow, drink (really good) tea, walk and talk.  We are very like-minded in the big picture, and she brings out the best in me.  I admire her greatly.

With the half-stay-at-home parent, half-cancer-patient lifestyle I’ve been leading for the past several years, it has been SO GOOD for me to “help” her on this development.  She invited me to her conference room where I sat with other intelligent professionals and gave feedback about products, marketing, consumer appeal.  (That day alone stands out as it is such a departure from my norm!)  I sampled products and gave honest reviews.  Her science-grounded background was fundamental for me as I — along a similar timeline — was evaluating how to best care for my cancer-ravaged body; she started me on supplements (at no cost to me) that have ended up being game-changers.  Since words are my gifting, we had working sessions where I drew the precise language she was looking for out of her.

She launched Arkadiance, her beauty and wellness line, last month and I am so proud of her that her dream became her reality.  I’m tickled that I’m in Arkadiance too, as are many of her other close family and friends.  Arkadiance is the personification of my friend Ami’s passion, and I would love it if you would check it out.  She has a twelve-product line, a blog (and a quirky sense of humor), and is the most approachable person if you have questions or feedback.  As she’s growing her business, please: like on Facebook/Twitter, comment, share, and all of those things if you feel so inclined.

The whole idea of Arkadiance is to draw beauty from the inside out; she approached it with a foundation in science and nutraceuticals, and developed best-in-class products.

My non-negotiable on the line is her Omega-3 Radiance Capsules: these are industry-best omegas, and I’ve been taking them (sourced from her) since around the time I had my ovaries removed as part of my cancer mitigation efforts.  Omegas provide good cellular health: good cells equals maximum healthy skin.  I credit the omegas with the skin success I’ve had: remarkable elasticity and hydration, especially given I have next-to-no estrogen in my body.  People in the chemo chairs ask me about skin woe often, and I am quick to recommend taking a potent omega.  I have also been taking her antioxidants and probiotics every day for a long time now.  I’m convinced they are helping my health.

My favorite, favorite experiential decadence is a good facial, though I only indulge once every couple of years.  Ami’s Healing Facial Tonic is my indulgent elixir when I need a little pick-me-up.  The scent is intoxicating (and I’m super picky about scents) and it transports me to a good mental space immediately.  As I write that, I realize it doesn’t even sound like me, but — dang — I love facials and this stuff makes my face and my brain feel good.

If you’re a tea person, try her tea.  You won’t be disappointed.  If you’re not a tea person, Arkadiance Natural Teas might turn the tide for you.  (I have it on good authority she’ll give you a sample if you drop my name.)

Her lip balm (packed in a flat pocket-friendly slide!) is awesome too.

I could go on, but you get the idea.  I’m not one to endorse things on my blog normally, but this is a part of me, and I’m so grateful for the experience of Arkadiance she has given me.  So often our identities feel set, yet Ami has been one to draw me out into areas I wouldn’t normally go.  Who the heck am I to be talking about beauty and wellness?  But, I do have worthy opinions and my medical situation makes me uniquely qualified on many fronts.  She’s also been an inviter in a long season where many people just don’t ask me to do things because they think I am too sick.  It’s always nice to be invited, and I am so glad I got to say yes to this.

Inner light: such a good descriptor of my friend Ami, and her brilliant Arkadiance.


  1. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to explore the Arkadiance line. And….your comment about Ami being an ‘inviter’ is a great reminder.
    Take care!

  2. Marlayne /

    What an endorsement!!! Must be Super ? Have a Happy Day ?

  3. ? wow. I’m speechless at your generosity and deep personal love for the me and the Arkadiance brand. Please know you and your family will be forever covered in our love as well. You truly have been part of the DNA from the start and will always be. Thank you on every level from my soul to yours.

  4. I recently met you in the chemo salon and I’m thankful you shared your blog. I, too, take fish oil daily along with several other supplements recommended by an integrative specialist. I have been wondering about probiotics for a while and will check out your friend, Ami’s products. Thanks Jen

  5. Diana Gibson /

    Magic – just hit the word Arkadiance in Jens’s blog and voila, meet Ami’s delightful webpage, which is informative and bright and hopeful. Well done, ladies (and gents if so involved). Onward and upward in good clean healthy products that deliver, especially if added with pixie dust hope and trust!